How to improve your English Speaking and Fluency: SHADOWING | English Speaking Practice

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How to improve your English Speaking and Fluency “SHADOWING”
In today’s lesson you’re going to: Learn what “SHADOWING” is
Learn WHY it’s so useful for you See a demonstration of HOW it’s done.
Enjoy! One of the biggest things that people ask
me is “how do I get really get at speaking fluently like a native speaker does.”
It’s actually much, much easier than you think.
First, listen to a lot of English. If you want to get good at speaking English then
you must get good at listening to English first.
Good speakers are good listeners Second, pronunciation is very important. If
you find it hard to speak smoothly, it might be because you’re pronouncing words badly.
Third, you need to get a lot of English speaking practise.
Of course, as you get better at speaking, your pronunciation will also naturally improve,
but it works the other way too … Improving your pronunciation will improve
your fluency A LOT! This is because 1) things become smoother to say but more importantly
because 2) you will become more confident with your speaking!
Let’s talk about ENGLISH SPEAKING PRACTISE Sometimes it’s hard to do, isn’t it?
People always say to me: “but this isn’t an English speaking country
? there aren't many opportunities to speak with people in English!”
Maybe that’s true, but there are many ways to practise speaking English!
Today I’m going to introduce you to one of those ways.will help you move mouth and
train your muscles to speak English fluently. This technique will help you move your mouth
and train your muscles to speak English fluently. And the BEST thing about this method is …
You can practise speaking fluent English and English pronunciation at home by yourself
by using the same materials as you use for your listening practise!
I always recommend to people, these wonderful “graded reader” books from penguin…
I own A LOT of these books!! 私が日本語を勉強していた時、これと同じようなCDが付いている本を使っていました。
(I used the same kind of books to learn Japanese) These books are really amazing, because they
also come with a CD that’s REALLY well recorded. This CD has a recording of the whole book.
First, listen to the CD as many times as you can. 10 times, 20 times ? as many times as
you can. How is that going to help you with your speaking
and pronunciation? You can use a technique called
“shadowing” Many people have heard of this but don’t
actually use it. I recommend you start, because it’s a very good way to get good at speaking!
Here’s what you do… First you listen to your CD as many times
as you can. Next, take your book and read it. This is
a good chance to use your dictionary to look up any words or phrases you don’t know.
This will also help you learn a lot of new vocabulary
kind of like two birds with one stone! Now go back to the CD and listen to it one
more time. Next, this is where the good bit starts! You
start training your mouth to speak fluently. Shadowing means to “shadow” the CD, that
is, to speak with and copy the CD. You should be listening carefully to: pronunciation,
rhythm, tone, and copying those things as closely as you can.
pronunciation rhythm
tone … and copying those things as closely as
you can. Make your voice sound as close to the speaker
on the CD as you can. Ok, I’ll demonstrate.
I have my book. I have my CD. I’ve listened to it several times.
Here we go … ‘Listen. Could we be quite quick?’ Harry
said. ‘Certainly, sir’. I won’t be long.’
The assistant took out some paper and put it around the box. ‘There,’ he said.
‘That’s great.’ ‘I haven’t quite finished,’ the assistant
told him. He took out a bag. ‘I don’t really need a bag’ Harry said
nervously. ‘I can put it in my pocket’ See? It’s that easy!
You should aim to finish the whole book. But that’s going to take a long time, so don’t
try to do the whole book at once. Just five minutes at a time is probably enough.
Any difficult sections, go over those sections again and again and again. Don’t just do
them once. Keep on practising them until you get it perfect.
And then, when you’ve got a section perfect go on to the next section.
Keep on going until you’ve finished the book.
That’s going to take time, but that’s OK!
… it’s not about finishing quickly! When you’ve finished the book, and you’re
really good, you can take this a step further by getting rid of the book!
Do exactly the same thing but without the book. Use the CD, and practise speaking with
it. Speak as the CD speaks. For example …
It’s quite difficult at first ? even for me! But That’s ok, because you practise
again and again. What shadowing does is get your ear really
listening, not just to what’s being said, but to the tone, rhythm and pronunciation
? all of the fine details. Of course this is great listening practise
too! The second thing Shadowing does is train your
mouth to move in the right way (motor skills). You can’t just hear a word, know it and
say it… You have to teach your mouth and muscles how
to move properly. OK! That’s it!
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