Lt. Governor Murray Offers Remarks at the 9/11 Observation Ceremony - 9/11/2009

Uploaded by MassGovernor on 14.09.2009

“Today we gather to observe and remember a moment that took so much from so many families;
a moment that bound us together as one people like none other in recent memory. Eight years
have passed, and the terror of 9/11 slips further into history. But we do not forget
– we can never forget. The stories of sacrifice and bravery that day will inspire us for generations.
So today, on this solemn anniversary, we remember those who died; we honor those that responded;
and we call out to the men and women who are now in harm’s way fighting overseas to keep
America safe, and we say to them and to their families that you have our support and our
respect. Because we know that there is right and wrong, good and evil in this world, and
it falls to good-hearted and strong people of all walks of life, of all faiths, who love
freedom and cherish peace to stand up in the face of terror and tyranny and say, ‘You
will not win.’ In this way, and by these ceremonies today, we keep faith with the fallen
and we commit ourselves to the work still left to be done. And we remind the world that
free people do not fight for anger’s sake, we never take up arms to conquer others, but
when our freedom is threatened we come together and fight to sustain our way of life, not
just for ourselves, but for all people who aspire to live in peace and democracy. Thank