Fortissimo EXA//Akkord:Bsusvier - Scene 60 Part 2

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Yes, Ryuichi had overlooked it.
Keisuke had already formed his magical weapon long ago.
Ryuichi: Ku...GATE OPEN!!
Ryuichi: Ku...G-Guaaaahhh!!
Umi: Kyaaaaa?!
Within a moment, their bodies are engulfed by a tornado of blades.
Keisuke: ...
Keisuke stands there calmly observing the scene.
There is no emotion displayed on his face.
He is every bit the example of a cold-hearted killer...
For him, this style of hunting is all but natural to him.
...And when the storm fades, the silence returns.
Keisuke: ...Oh?
For the first time, Keisuke speaks in an admiring tone.
When the storm faded, he had expected to see blood everywhere.
However, Keisuke's expectations betray him as the boy silently stands there.
He had fought back the blades of the God of Death with his fist, but that is something that only a magical weapon can do.
Umi: Ah...S-Sumeragi-kun?
There is something strange covering Ryuichi's right arm.
Rather than a weapon, it looks more like armor...It glows with the brilliance of lightning,
and aptly it is the gauntlet of the God of Thunder.
Ryuichi: Jarngreipr!!
He thrusts out his fist with lightning speed, and destroys the remaining blades around him.
Ryuichi: ...
Ryuichi stands there as they change into magical particles and disappear.
...No, these are not blades.
They are the ace in the hole of the God of Death who controls them like the wind...They truly look like cards.
Ryuichi: I see...So that's your magical weapon.
Keisuke: ...
Without answering Ryuichi's question, Keisuke stands there silently, and focuses on his Joker card.
One than becomes two. Than, two becomes four...
In less than no time the number of cards grows, and they dance around Keisuke like a blue wall of wind, protecting him.
Yes, it's not unlike soldiers who guard their king.
This kingdom of fifty-three cards dances about with the wind, and aim to take the lives of both Ryuichi and Umi!
Ryuichi: Ku!
The card soldiers utilize the wind to their advantage, and Ryuichi is forced to use all 360 degrees to defend himself.
Even if he would prefer not to...
Umi: Ah...No...Someone...
Behind him sits a trembling girl, who has no strength to even run away.
Ryuichi can only sharpen his senses and endure this storm that tries to overcome him and Umi.
Ryuichi: Ku...Haaaaaa!!
Keisuke: ...
Hit, hit, and yet another hit.
In the midst of this assault in which there is not even time to breath, Ryuichi is somehow able to shoot down all of the blades
that aim for his life.
There are countless deep gashes in the stone wall and trees around him.
It seriously looks like he is caught in a real tornado.
Ryuichi: Haa...Haa...Ku...Haaaaa!!
After knocking down all of the cards at last, Ryuichi returns his gaze to Keisuke.
Keisuke: ...
Umi: A-Amazing...
Umi can't help but leak her voice in admiration at Ryuichi, who somehow withstood the storm.
Ryuichi: ...
However, Ryuichi doesn't relax his guard even an inch, and continues to stare down Keisuke.
No, rather he is confused.
Ryuichi: (...Why? I destroyed every part of Sanada-san's weapon...Nevertheless, why...)
It is natural for Ryuichi to be confused.
Yes. For a magi, if their magical weapon is completely destroyed like Keisuke's has been, they should die, and their existence
will be erased.
...Despite that, Keisuke continues to stand there with an emotionless face!
Keisuke: ...
As if to answer Ryuichi's doubts, Keisuke holds up the Joker card that he had kept in his jacket pocket.
Ryuichi: Na?!
It is as if a nightmare is repeating itself.
Keisuke's magic flows forth from the card and begins to replicate itself...Forming those cards again with the exact same strength
as before.
Ryuichi: I see...In other words, that's how it works.
Even though he doesn't want to believe it, Ryuichi understands what is happening.
Keisuke's magical weapon is a so-called "Self-Replicating" type that can keep reproducing itself.
His magical weapon is that Joker card at it's core.
In order to protect their king, he can resurrect the 4 suits that make up that deck as many times as he wants!
Ryuichi: (Since he keeps the core in his pocket like that, unless I can destroy that he can keep reproducing it as many times
as he wants...In that case!)
Ryuichi: ...Haaa!!
Keisuke: !!
Knowing that he needs to get closer, Ryuichi rushes Keisuke.
Ryuichi: Haaaaaaaa...Haa!!
And he hurls at punch a lightning speed right at Keisuke's chest!
Keisuke: Gu...Guh...Khuh!!
It is as if a divine spear has been thrust into his chest.
The God of Death is suddenly made to be the anchor for the next lightning strike!
One, two, three punches are hurled at an amazing speed...
Keisuke: Tsk!
Ryuichi: Useless!
Since he was able to strike a blow in, Ryuichi continues his counteroffensive, utilizing only the minimum strength he needs
in order to dodge, and warding off any other blows with his armored right hand.
The special power of Jarngreipr allows him to absorb the magic behind any attack, converting it into lightning that he can
than use himself!
As a result, Ryuichi's offensive strength rapidly begins to grow...
It is a perfect combination of offense and defense...Faced against Jarngreipr, Keisuke's Self-Replicating weapon can only be
half as effective at best!
Keisuke: Hm?! Tch!
However, this Self-Replicating weapon has many different uses.
Keisuke instantly protects himself by forming a wall with those cards, counteracting Ryuichi's continuous offensive.
Even though he continues to attack at lightning speed, the cards merely replace themselves, repairing the damage in the wall
of cards...
It is a terribly efficient use of his magical weapon.
As soon as part of the wall disintegrates, it is immediately replaced...And thus, Ryuichi's fist will never come into contact
with Keisuke's body.
Ryuichi: Geh!
His weapon is not a good match for his, and it's clear who is superior right now...
Nevertheless, the God of Death is a resourceful man...a man with such a large amount of battle experience like this is surely
worthy of the name "Sleeping Demon".
Ryuichi: (Combat experience? If so...)
...Yes. When it comes to just how many life and death situations he's been in, Keisuke is vastly Ryuichi's superior.
Ryuichi: Even so...I still won't lose!
Ryuichi continues to drive his fist into the wall of cards at lightning speed, slowly peeling back the layers as he does so!
Keisuke: Kuu?!
The God of Death can only watch as his wall is torn down, and a fist is driven forcefully into his sternum.
Keisuke: Kuh...Guhagh!!
With blood flowing out of his mouth, Keisuke falls to one knee.
He grimaces in pain as he touches his chest and confirms a broken rib, and he grimaces as he look up at Ryuichi, who is only
calmly staring down at him.
...It took a while, but he was able to break through. However, because Ryuichi isn't accustomed to defeating such an opponent,
he looks slightly uncomfortable.
Ryuichi: ...I know that magi who have awakened are invincible, but after that blow you won't be able to stand for several hours.
Keisuke: ...
Keisuke's face distorts with pain as he glares upward at Ryuichi.
Ryuichi: ...Be at ease. I won't kill you.
Ryuichi: I cannot forgive you for all the things you have done...but that's why I refuse to kill you.
Ryuichi: Surrender yourself to the police and pay for your crimes...Do it for Hinako-chan.
Keisuke: !
Ryuichi: Now, about your magical weapon...
However, as he looks down at Keisuke's hand, he notices one thing.
...Keisuke does not have his magical weapon in his hand.
Ryuichi: (Bare-handed?! Where the hell did it go?!)
Until just now, Keisuke had been holding onto it in order to help protect himself.
Thus when his body was crushed, he should have still been holding onto it until the end...
Keisuke: ...
In addition, according to the look in Keisuke's eyes...
He seems to be looking up and over Ryuichi's head through his sunglasses...
Ryuichi: (...No! He's not looking at ME!)
Yes, Keisuke is instead looking behind Ryuichi...
In a world where only magi can exist, it would not make sense for Keisuke to just look upwards at nothing.
Ryuichi: Geh!
A gust of wind blows through his hair as Ryuichi quickly turns around.
Ryuichi: Kuu...Guaaaa?!
As he turns around, the God of Death's card impales itself deeply into his arm.
This was Keisuke's last resort...Using himself as a decoy, he was able to keep Ryuichi's attention off of his magical weapon
for long enough.
Yes...Ryuichi had been far too focused on trying to break through the wall of cards to notice that one had gone missing.
...That was why he allowed himself to be hit in order to set this up.
In order to drown out the barrage of hammer-like fists, he lost well over a hundred cards protecting himself...But by utilizing
the wind once again to his advantage, he was able to get one behind Ryuichi.
For such a risk, he left himself wide-open on purpose!
Ryuichi: Geh...but still, that won't be enough!
Yes...A wound of this level is only comparatively enough to be like a dull knife.
It has not sliced through any nerves or bones. Compared to Keisuke in which he is vomiting blood and his ribs are broken,
this is but a trifling wound.
Deciding so, Ryuichi brings his hand up to pluck the card from his arm.
Ryuichi: Guu?!
As if answering Keisuke, the card in Ryuichi's arm glows.
No. It is not the card, but Ryuichi's arm that glows.
A huge torrent of blood begins to rush out, and Ryuichi understands that his very life is leaving his body.
Ryuichi: (No! It's...sucking it in!!)
Yes. That's exactly it. The card is sucking his blood...
The very basis of his life force is being stolen by the God of Death that bit his arm.
Ryuichi: Guoo!
Keisuke: ...
Ryuichi: Na?!