Pea & Lime Dip With Baked Tortillas: Cooking For Kids - Episode 1

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I’m Fiona, author of 25 Foods Kids Hate And How To Get Them Eating 24,
and this is my pea and lime dip with easy baked tortillas.
So welcome to my Videojug Cooking For Kids series,
It’s all about getting really creative with your kid’s 5 a day.
Now I often get asked to cook with the kids of various celebrities,
and I must say that my pea and lime dip often proves to be just as popular with the yummy
mummies as it does with the kids themselves.
And this is an example of a recipe I think, that shows how you can get really creative
with the veg that can be a little bit boring just sat on the plate.
Right step one is oven is on quite high 220 degrees centigrade,
and what I've done is I’ve thoroughly greased a baking tray with olive oil,
and do be generous with that and you’ll see why in a second.
I’m also going to add a little sprinkle of smoked paprika. which is something that
I really love actually, so a little light sprinkling.
You could use cayenne pepper, but be careful because that is quite spicy so if kids are
going to be eating these then maybe use the paprika instead.
I’ve got two soft flour wraps,
a pair of scissors, one of my favourite kitchen tools of all, and I'm going to basically cut
them into triangles. So I'm going to cut the two wraps in half.
I've layered them one on top of the other, and then cut again into quarters.
And then cut again into eights.
So what you’ll have is 16 of these in total, 16 little triangles,
and then all you do, watch, is you literately rub them onto the olive oil turn over
and keep going with all 16 until they are all covered on both sides.
And you will need quite a big baking tray for this, or if not obviously use 2 baking
trays, or 3.
For the full details of the recipe it’s right here and you can see all the measurements
and exactly what you need.
Right there you go i think that's enough for this tray for now, so I'm going to put them
in the oven for literally 4 or 5 minutes until they've browned off and crisped up a bit.
So while the tortillas are baking, let’s get on with the dip, and it’s so simple,
it literally is a case of putting it all in a bowl and whizzing it all together.
First of all little tip for the lime juice roll it along a flat surface
and that will help you create more juice from the lime and that counts if you need some
lemon juice as well in a recipe.
Cut it in half and I want the juice of half a lime and I'm going to juice it through my
fingers and that way I’ll catch any pips.
If you're cooking with kids while doing this, top tip make sure they have no cuts on the
fingers because I've been there myself and done that and had
a sudden scream of a kid as I realised actually they'd got lime juice into their fingers,
so bare that one in mind.
So there’s our juice,
peas defrosted but still firm,
bit of parmesan,
extra flavour,
and some cream cheese.
So you’ll be able to find all the ingredients for this recipe in the description box.
If you want to you can use some low fat cream cheese, but I quite like the flavour of full
fat, and then literally use a food processor or a handheld stick blender, and literally
whizz it all up together.
And if you wanted to you could add some fresh mint you could add some spring onion, again
just play with whatever your taste buds tell you to add to this,
but just as it is, it’s perfect.
Now there’s always a little bit of debate amongst parents and experts should you hide
your kids veg, and with a dip like this I would say go with whatever you think will
work for you and your family.
I think it’s quite nice actually to leave a little bit of the peas left a little bit
I think that’s a good texture but if you want to blend the whole thing, you know, that’s
totally fine.
By the way we have loads more recipes like this. If want to get inspired to get your
kids to eat more of their 5 a day subscribe to our Youtube channel.
There’s loads of stuff on there, and as ever we’d love to hear your comments and
your suggestions too.
Right this serves about 4 but double the quantities as you see fit,
and just make as much as you want. And an obvious chefs tip but one that I think
is often forgotten, is just have a title try and make sure you’re
happy with it.
It tastes really good.
So that’s it, my tortillas are cooked, I've left them to crisp up on the trays a
little bit So they’re going to be plated up in a minute.
First of all I love the colour of this dip, And what’s great about it is that you can
also really pretty it up on the plate and add some nice garnishes.
So I'm going to add some lime zest,
there we go, and mint which looks great, tastes great as well.
And you can just tear it up, as big or as small, as you want and really that’s it.
The tortillas are baked, not fried, so they’re that little bit healthier.
And there we have it that’s my pea and lime dip with my easy baked tortillas.
That’s it from me for this week but join me next week for another recipe
for Videojug cooking with kids and how to get your kids really inspired by their 5 a
See you next time.