Attack of the Walkers (Part 3)

Uploaded by rbp12995 on 12.09.2010

Where are we?
This is the garage.
Oh man, There's no safe place left
except outside the city walls
Hope your ready...
If we're gonna stay alive,
its now or never
I'm as ready as I'll ever be
Alright, we run out on 3
It was nice knowing you
I got him, you get that one!
My guy's knocked out.
How about yours?
Yeah, same.
Alright, I think we're safe here...
Okay, lets go.
Oh, crap.
Don't worry I got this.
Where are the lights?
Oh, got it.
Stay back K-9, I got this...
Man, what you doing?
Woah, Woah, Woah!
Calm down, we're just humans...
just passing through...
That's cool
Man I'm sorry
are you okay?
oh man,
so how have you been surviving all this time
I got my guns man
these my babies
did you make them
i made em man
they the best zombie killers around
thats good to know
me and my buddy here-
i destroy them fools just like that
they gone
well we had some guns but they took them from us
You wouldn't have anymore would you?
I got some, they the best of my stash
this here gun
this my finest
shoot a zombie a mile away
take him out
these the best
I'll give it to you
so you wouldn't happen to have anything smaller for...
this guy over here
i think i got something his size
Yo dog,
get over here
stop playing with that
This here for you
Are you kidding me?
You got a problem with it?
man, thats the big one
got that
dude are you sure this is the big one?
man, you wanna see how big it is
alright, im sorry i'll just take it whatever
yeah thats right...