Word 2010 Accessibility--Properly Formed Hyperlink

Uploaded by susannetic on 23.02.2012

A properly formed hyperlink makes sense
out of the context of its place on the page.
A properly formed hyperlink
answers three important questions.
Where am I going?
Why am I going?
What is going to happen when I get there?
And it answers those questions in that order…
Let's create a properly formed hyperlink
for the following assignment:
We have asked students to go
to the WRAL website weather radar,
and document two different location views.
WRAL Website Weather Radar opens in a new window
We’ve said where we are going
…to the WRAL web site.
Why we're going there
…we are going to review the weather radar.
What's going to happen when we get there?
…It is going to open in a new window.
I'm going to copy the address
and now I will highlight
what I'd like to be my link
I am going to right click
I am going to select hyperlink
I’ll paste the address
into the address text box.
My target frame
will be new window,
and I am going to make that the target frame
default for all of my hyperlinks.
I’ll click OK,
again I’ll click OK.
And now I have created
a properly formed hyperlink
to the WRAL website radar
weather radar
opens in a new window.
It’s also a good idea
to provide a URL address.
No need for that to be a working hyperlink.