DESTINEE - 1St Trailer - English Subtitles

Uploaded by Nemi086 on 13.01.2011

Enter another World...
Innocent Child Of Destiny,
locked Into a Perfect World she dreamt to escape of...
He (Methos) swore to protect her,
but as he came intor her Life, Her world Shattered
She was the promess of bliss that Methos would have never dreamt of
but Némésis was so scared of herself
that She denied her love
And left him fall again into the darkness
A Ghost from The Past
Witness of the Dark side of Methos...
she became the slave of the Man she adored
Yet she never stopped to love him,
nor did she ever gave up Hope...
That he would remind his lost humanity
and fight with her against what is written,
Even though it's an illusion to hope to trick destiny.