[Eng] Jakub Gierszal - Shooting Stars Interview

Uploaded by HoochieDoll on 11.05.2012

My name is Jakub Gierszal. Gierszal. I'm from Poland.
I was born in 1988. So that's the year of the Dragon--they say in China.
It's the first movie where I was umm... I did two movies before that.
But I didn't have the leading role. So that was my first leading role.
So for me personally, it was something special because it was a great...
how do you say... how do you call it...
pre... pressure? But I knew that I had to do much to convince the audience with this character.
And umm... I don't know really what has changed. I think a lot of things have changes in my mind.
Yeah and of course, the Shooting Star Project came sort of from being the burden on the last year.
I watched a lot of movies actually. I don't know if that's too much sometimes.
Because I sometimes feel that I forget about my own thinking.
Just thinking about the movies and the characters.
Everytime there's something worthy in the movie, it's just inspiring.
And yeah that's why I watch it because I kind of learned from movies. I'll try to.
I had to do some choices, yes.
Cause I did the first movie in Poland. It was 2008.
And since then I kind of umm... then I just wanted to do movies. This was my only dream.
Whatever movie to be on the set.
Since the first movie, then I did another one, and I kind of got to know the environment...
and then I thought, okay now you don't have to do this, maybe you should do this.
Actually I don't have to because my Mom does it always... all the time. Google.
And wrote me these emails... now she stopped because I said it's enough, really. Call me, instead of googling me.
No, of course I've read some critics. I've read some critics from Variety, I think, from last year here in Berlin.
It was a very bad critic about the movie.
But I think it was better, I mean, if I read the bad critic, I felt kinda good. It was kind of like, okay, she's right.
That has to be better. We could do this better.
Yes, I wouldn't hide it. I would hope so in some other way. Because... I would be stupid to hide it.
I want to do as much as I can, you know. Wider the range. The wider the range, the more people you can meet.
This is one of the important things I think, to meet people, to get with them.
And people who tried to get something out of you.
So the wider the range, the better. And the more opportunities you'll have.
So of course I, I'm kind of positively towards it. But you of course can never know what's gonna happen.
I mean it's a... just life.
I'm positive because it's the attitude I want to have. But I don't know what's gonna happen.