How to Freeze Cell Cultures

Uploaded by davidbanes on 29.11.2012

Today I'm gonna show you guys how to freeze yo cells
maybe you don't need them right now, maybe you need them in the future, but in any case freezing your cells is a good idea because you have a bank to work from
so my man Sam here is gonna show you what he's working on
Alright so we're gonna be
getting our freezing media
its 10 percent DMSO
90 percent DMEM
we get this, we hand it to Negin
so she can sterilize it.
You get your cells
from the incubator
its at 5% CO2, 37 degrees (Celsius)
come check it
examine the general cell morphology and confluency to determine whether the
cell culture is suitable for freezing
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attached centrifuges themselves into a pilot and the suspension of the sample
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the freezing method
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and then take that to make the leaders of the treadmill
trypan blue sits at the disease to see in the living cells
this is compared against the debt cells
and the cell cancer is able to give you arrived estimate of how many cells
or present per milliliter in your samples
inject n lekker leaders of the mixture into the cell culture cartridge
take the cartridge and then inserted into the southwest machine
golden start processing
this all accounts she will then give you read out of how many cells are pretty
leader in do sample
for cleanup
issue you remove any equipment emedia or other tools email used
there's any media or other materials that require refrigeration back of their
dispose of any disposables inappropriate receptacles
set up any ballots and becky answer pumps that may have been turned on
during your work
and finally sprayed on your work area with ethanol
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