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Let metell a story...
lt's a real story,which took placein a village.
Let metell a story...
lt's a real story,which took placein a village.
lt's atragedy story of ahonesty.
lt's a country story that took placein contact.
lt's atragedy story of ahonesty.
That story, this story and village story.
Let metell a story...
lt's a real story,which took placein a village.
ln an evergreen village... A village named Chempattu...
A poisonous seedwhich has grown in oneday's wind.
lt's spoiledthecountry and changing the law and dominating everybody.
Let metell a story...
lt's a real story,which took placein a village.
lt's atragedy story of ahonesty.
lt's a country story that took placein contact.
lt's atragedy story of ahonesty.
That story, this story and village story.
Let metell a story...
God created this villagewith all resources. A beautiful village.
But ithas a bad name as CHATTAMBl NADU & called now.
Old Chattambis havetold that ithas named becauseof someChattambis.
Retired Chattambi Chengeri Madhavan will tell you, Chempattu Nadu changed as Chattambi Nadu.
ln the beginning, l, Sickle Vasu & KeerambarAbdu only were Chattambis here.
Abdu was died in thejail only.
This village havebecameworst becauseofKaatappalli & Mallancharu people.
This is my opinion. That's the true.
Kattappalli Kurup father & Mallancharu Unnithan were joined & started a chit company.
Chit companywas destructed by the stealthyboy from Karnataka,
...who broughtby Unnithan, likehis son.
Afterthat Kaattappalli & Mallancharu peoplehad a case & have becameenemies.
When Kaattappalli people's torture couldn't bear...
Unnithan's wife Rukmani. Her brother had called a Chattambi from thetown herefirst.
Kaattappalli peoplecalled anotherChattambi to control him.
Theyhavestayed herebecausethis village haveall the wealth.
Somebodyhad return back.
New fake Chattambis haveborn also here.
Likethat,this village got this bad name.
Hereafterwewill seeChattambi village's people.
This is Maakiri Gopalan.
ln thebeginning, his job was catching the frog.
Gopalan says thathehas becamea Chattambi because hedoesn'thave anywork.
My dear sir! l can't livehereas l won't become Chattambi.
l will beatthem, as well as they are also beating me.
lfl only see self-respect,they will beat & kill me.
Cut it, okay.
Sir! l'venot finished my interview.
This is enough.
Hey! Studio... lfyou don't covermyinterview, l will...
Okay, tell me.
l'vecinema people.
They'relivingwith my support only.
Then... We, Chattambi's grievanceis, we didn'tgetany offer from the government yet.
Governmentis cheating us.
Then, ifl don'tsay aboutmymaster, it'd get abad name for my gratitude.
His nameis Sickle Vasu.
Hehas becamea handicap becauseofthatthiefboy.
Hedidn't get cured after we gavepolio drips.
Master's disciples havecome.
Theywill carryhim in palanquin.
That's why, villagepeoplearecalling him as Palanquin Vasu.
lf Chattambi perish, no value.
Then, heis useless.
This Vasu havecome to this stagespoiling my life for this Kaattappalli people.
Yet,they didn't even noticeme.
For all ofhis sins only, Kurupachan havedied in an accident.
Now his son Kaattappalli Nagendran, an inhuman creature...
Aowner of chit company.
His dad died in an accident, but he'll die falling the thunder. You'll see.
l'm the Kaattappalli Nagendran.
Letthat old man, who is going to diesay anything.
l won't takeit serious.
This village people blame me only, if Mallancharu people got any hindrance.
Then, casewith Mallancharu people.
lt's started from thebeginning.
lt's true that weboth still havethat war.
l didn't do anything Chandra Mohan Unnithan.
Why should l opposehim, whilehe sell his property?
lt's all wrong news about me.
Boss... -What, man?
Outside people have come & see Mallancharu people's bungalow.
You saw that all? Didn't l sayto kill them?
Still, you'reconveying it.
Hey! Switch ofthecamera.
Take & go. Else l'll beat you.
lt's false that full ofChattambis in this village.
As per my opinion, only oneChattambi is here.
Thatis Kaattappalli Nagendran.
Hethinks that we'rethereason for his death.
Forthat, heimported someChattambis from outside & killed mytwo uncles.
He spoiled mybusiness & mademeas a drunkard.
Now, he's chasing thepeople, who is comingto buymy house & field.
But,this Chandra Mohan Unnithan won't leave this.
Forthat, l don't any help from police or military.
l won'tsay police is waste here.
How they are doingtheirwork?
Then, why are you saying us waste?
Hey! lfyou switch offthis camera, l'll tell you onething.
Switch offit.
lfwesend out Kaattappalli Nagendran, all problems will be solved here.
Once l tried it.
l was in thehospital two months.
Now, Mallancharu Chandra Mohan's ideais good.
We should takethorn by a thorn only.
He's searching outside village Chattambi,who have more power than Kaattappalli.
Then, he's trying to sell his estate & bungalow.
More Chattambis arethere other villages.
Pulikandan Koya, Chengalpalayam Muthuraj, Coimbatore Manisamy...
But no use.
Becausethey don't havemoneyto buythis bungalow & estate.
Atlast l found him becausel'd get commission forthis.
l found him from the Karnatakapolice' wanted list. His nameis Veerendra Mallaiya.
Filed in 37 beating cases.
Buthepunished in onecaseonly.
Because, hehad slapped Karnataka's minister in open- air.
When seeing history, he can finish Kaattappalli easily.
My only fear is... Kaattappalli will kill meifheknow that l'm thebroker forthis.
l'll give police protection to you.-How?
l'll lock you, saying you steal something.
What's sure he'll buythese?
We're going there todayitself.
Murugan, who is like Mallaiya's brother is there.
lfherecommend anything, Mallaiyanever refuse it.
First, we'll catch Murugan.
Oh! Someonehelp me. My God...
Come fast.
Start the bike.
Don't beat me.
Why are you silent? Have you got scared?
Why are frightening? l'm here with you.
My God! Where has hegone?
Leaveme. Don't you understand me?
Oh! God...
Don't touch him.
Brother! Forgive us.
Don't leave them.
Moveaway. Leavethem.
Sir! lt happened unknowingly. You may go.
l'm leaving them becauseof you.-Shutup & come.
You know, who have you beaten?
They're Mallaiya's cousins.
lfyou want to live, ask your forgiveness at his bungalow.
Else,they will comehere & destroy everything.
Whathetold you about his injury?
Hetold that he's fallen from the bike.
ls it? Some came here to ask forgiveness,who beat him.
l've fallen from thebike, only after getting beating.-Shut up.
Where is Mallaiya? -He is inside, breathingthehot air.
Mallaiya! Some came here to see you.
The one,who beat Murugan.
Ask Murugan to come. -Okay.
They aredifferent. They didn'tbeat me.
We onlybeat him.
Forgive us.
Wewon't do again.
You bastard...
Are you asking forgiveness carrying weapons?
Come... All of you come.
l'll give forgiveness to you all.
No. l'll takecareofthis.
You just watch it.
Who you areall? -Henchmen.
Who sent you? -Kaattappalli.
Who, Kaattuppuli (forest tiger)?
Kaattappalli from Kerela.
Run. Go...
When did you go Kerala? -l didn't go Kerala.
Who is this Kaattuppuli? -l don't have any connection with this.
Who is this Kaattappalli?
Your Kaattuppuli henchmen had came here before you come here.
Not Kaattuppuli, Kaattappalli.
Whoever he is, he can'tplay with me.
We'veseen Murugan, heonly told me that you'll listen ifl say as arequest.
Am l aking to ask your request?
That Kaattappalli won't allow us to sell that.
You complain in the police, brother.
Policeis nothingthere.
You must buy it, Mallaiya. lf you want deduct Rs.5 lakhs from the amount.
l don't want. l don't havetime even to fight here.
Leave it.
Sir... -lt'll becomean headache.
Don't refuse it, sir.
lfMallaiya say once, no changes. You may go.
lfany changein your decision, call us in this number.
We too don't havethis numbers. Still, you'll get us, isn't it?
Which hospital?
Murugan met with an accident & at thehospital.
What is this? Have you met accidentafterthebeating?
Hegot it becauseherodethebikebeforethewomen's college.
You keep quiet, dad. lthad happened afterl crossed the women's college.
Reallyl rodethebike correctly.
Butthatlorry driver hitmewithout applying the break.
Then, hewentwithout stopping thelorry.
Hewas in the street unconsciously.
Our Lakshmi doctor onlyrescued him.
Any problem? -No problem.
How could l... You may say lie. Letmeask thedoctor.
You'venot yet come, l am thinking about that only.
Shall l ordertea? -No.
How is Murugan?
Nothing to fear. lfneeded, you may dischargehim today itself.
Casualties aremore herebecause of you.
Beating cases oraccident. l'm verybusy.
Still, you'rewatching T.Vin dutytime.
Now, my break time. Not only that,they're showing our native place only.
l won't say... Seethere.
How they areworking...-He is theman,who met me yesterday.
Broker... ls hea police?
This is Mallancharu Unnithan's housein Chempattu village.
l'm a loser now.
l can'tmanagemy debtors without selling this house & field.
But Kaattappalli won't allow itto sell.
We'velost everything. Now, weloseour property also.
lt's a suitable village for your character.
Want to see that field & bungalow?
Acall for you.
l'm Kaattappalli Nagendran.
l gave caution sending mymen.
You've beaten them. But don'tthink that you've won.
Your boy metwith an accident & atthe hospital, right?
lfl wish, thesetype ofaccidents will happen henceforth.
Leave youridea with this.
You won't return back, if you come to this village & stabilize.
This is my village, Chattambi village.
Contactthepersons, who came for selling.
Finish the deal as they quoted. -Okay.
Pour it, man.
Oh! My God...
Give drink to them. Let them enjoy.
Oh! My God... Dog also chasing me.
Drink it.
You'veopposed me to sell. What happened now?
l sold it forthegood price.
Come, man.
What, man? lfl beat you like him, no oneask me.
The one,who is coming is also will beruined like you.
You shit...
l'm tellingthis, you scoundrels,who are following him.
He won't survive here.
Who ever he may, hecan't stabilizehere.
l'll finish him.
Come, men.
Don't know, what will hedo in that village?
Won't you say anything good, dad?
l could say only if you do anything good.
He'll be reformed.
lfhestay apart from here, he'll definitely reform.
Then, am l also with him, right?
l fear forthat only.
He'll do something & you'll ask that. That's a usual thing, right?
Let itbe. Why village people beat you?
That's a simplematter.
l gave alove letter.
ln this age, you mustsend e-mail instead of givingthe loveletter, you idiot.
Good. A perfect advice.
lfhelikeagirl,what's thenecessity ofbeating him?
Who beat you?
Girl's father or her brother?
Not his father or brother. His husband.
l didn't noticethatshe's got married.
Can't leavehim likethis. Find agood girl & conduct his marriage.
lt's impossible.
l had promised once,that l won't marry without conducting Mallaiya's marriage.
Who told you to promise?
lf you do promise, you marry. l won't marry.
When mymarriageopportunity came, l had gone to jail.
After l released from the jail, bridebecamesomething.
lt's not likethat. Shebecamepregnant.
Okay. She becamepregnant.
When the opportunity cameagain, Jail again.
Again...? What's that case?
Bride onlyhad gone to jail, she's a Naxalite.
Rohini Nachappa.
That dayitself, l oath. l won'tmarry.
Don't think l'm advising you.
l'm your secretary. Still l'm telling you this as your dad.
Don't you want a familylife, Mallaiya?
You'remy dad, brother, mom & cousin forthis orphan Mallaiya.
Don't try to escapesaying like that.
lfa girl born for Mallaiya, she'll be waiting for you in Chempattu village.
She has come admiring has a virgin girl from thesky.
She has come admiring has a virgin girl from thesky.
My girl take a vessel & fertilizer in hands.
My girl come boldlyleaving yourfear.
Come! Let us drink ahoney ofreddish rays.
Come! Let us we join in theflower garden.
Come! Let us drink ahoney ofreddish rays.
Come! Let us we join in theflower garden.
We can tappingthe honey sweetmangoes.
Wecan catch thedragonflies in our bags.
Oh my dear! Note everything.
She's is the girl like a winter.
Come! Let us drink ahoney ofreddish rays.
Come! Let us we join in theflower garden.
l'm therain cloudtherein that stage.
All thetrees haveblossomed here.
Lilly also blossomed beautifullywith shining.
Bees & dragon flies areflying in thecold.
Come,wearing a silk to sing with me.
She's is the girl like a winter.
Come! Let us drink ahoney ofreddish rays.
Come! Let us we join in theflower garden.
Seetheflag hoisting in thetemple.
You anointmein the sandal always.
Letus seeagoodthing on an auspicious day.
Tell me the story of aplay of Radha & Madhavan.
Let us play swimming in the stream on one morning.
She's is the girl like a winter.
Come! Let us drink ahoney ofreddish rays.
Come! Let us we join in theflower garden.
We can tappingthe honey sweetmangoes.
Wecan catch thedragonflies in our bags.
Oh my dear! Note everything.
She's is the girl like a winter.
Come! Let us drink ahoney ofreddish rays.
Come! Let us we join in theflower garden.
He didn't hear.
Someonehad lockedthis.
That was locked by Kaattappalli.
Hesaid that he'll cutthehand, who opens it.
Hetriggered a dangerous bullet, it's true.
What will Kaattuppuli do?
Come fast. We'll inform it to Kaattappalli.
This Mallaiyais nota simpleman as you think.
Even central government knows him.
Heknows ourhome ministertoo.
l'vethechance to get minister post forthecoming election.
So, don't makeany problem in this village.
Uncle! You may forget the pastbecause you'rea politician.
My father had not died in car accident. This Mallancharu people onlykilled him.
No evidence forthat, right?
Metoo know, how to do things without any evidence.
Whoever helps Mallancharu people, is my enemy.
You go & tell him the matter in pure Malayalam.
That beard man only hit mein thelorry.
Weonlyboughtthefield & bungalow. Our boss only is there in jeep. Mallaiya.
Ask your Mallaiya boss to come.
Oh no! lfhe come, hewon'tgo.
lf you givethekey,wecan enterthe house.
Ask your boss to come & get the key.
Let us also see him.-Nagendra! Don't.
Go & tell him.
He wants to see you.
Then, l'll show him.
l knew before buying the housethat somepigs are troubling here.
l brought this to break their heads.
l hadtold you that this is dangerous village & not to come here.
l camehereonly as you told likethat.
l'll give you the amount, you bought it. Return everything & leave the place.
lfneeded,we'll pay Rs.5 lakhs more.
That's business. lfl get profit, l'll sell everything.
Rs.5 lakhs. Enough... l'll return everything.
Beforethat, a small matter.
A recompense for him... Trying to kill him bythelorry,
Don't. Don'tbe serious. Hasn't hetold that he'll return?
Becalm. Leaveit.
l couldn't get chanceto seein thebeginning.
A small matteris also pending. Let me do it. Okay?
He's coming playing video game.
Stay there, Kaattuppuli.
l camehere to lock you.
l bought that house forto reside, not for selling it.
l'll residethere, ifneeded l'll comehere & stayhere.
You lockedthere & l locked here.
lf you playwith meagain, l'll chop you.
You don't know about me, you scoundrel.
You'll understand me, you bastard.
l think he's a literature. Don't you understand the meaning?
Mallaiya had locked Kaattappalli.
Kaattappalli locked up.
l heardthat he's having dangerous explosions.
With thegun & bullet.
Double barrel gun. Bullet will comein a onehole, smoke will come in another hole.
Whathappened, Mathacha?
l'vesold aproperty.
Stop here.
What is this, snake & hen?
Thank you. Thank you verymuch.
Sit here.
You'remy God now.
l've repaid my all credits.
No needto pay anything to anyonenow.
Chandra! You should onlytakecare offield work.
You should stay here.
ltwon't be work out, Mallaiya.
Oncesold out, no work. l'vesomemoneywith me.
l'm going to start chit company again using that money.
l came here to invite you forthat.
Give your full support.
All prosperous will cometo you.
First deposit forthe new company from my side.
Rs.10 lakhs.
He's a drunkard.
He'll caught into ruin himself soon.
Hewon't get ruined, man.
My son's life has becomeflourished after you camehere.
So, you onlylight this.
Oh no! Mother! You only...
Then, you both light it.
Palanquin Vasu is going somewhere.
Whereare you going?
To Mallaiya's bungalow.
Mallaiya's peoplehave told that not to stay in our quarters.
Master is goingthereto opposeit.
When wereturn, master might not bein thepalanquin.
Perhaps, l will fill thatplace.
But l doubt thesebeggarwon't bethere to carryit.
Anywayl'm goingto meet.
Narayana! Takecare oftheshop.
This is our lovesymbol.
Take the lorryto theshed afterfinishedthefieldwork.
Statue is coming from the temple.
They'recarryingthedead body.
Not dead body, he's alive.
You'reright. ls hea king here?
They'recoming hereonly with thepalanquin.
You know,what's thematter?
Petrol rate has increased. He only discovered this palanquin vehicle.
Are you Mallaiya?
Heis not Mallaiya, he is his secretariat.
Wewant to see Mallaiya. -What's thematter?
We'll tell that to Mallaiya.
First you must tell me, what to talk with him.
Then, ifl feel itis so important, l'll tell him.
That's my duty.
lt's not agood character that you listening here & conveying it there.
Tell me the matter without wastingthetime.
Put medown.
Don't tryto chase us from our land.
lt's goodthat you go somewhere without giving trouble.
Else Mallaiya will destruct everythingwith bull douser.
Our peoplethought that aprotector has comebuying this land opposing Kaattappalli.
lf you betraylikethis... What's thedifference between you & Kaattappalli?
Don't tryto think to chase us by threatening.
Who is this boy?
Oh! She is agirl.
Doesn't seems like that by her speech.
What do you want, boy?
Wehavebeen stayingthere for years, with the permission of Mallancharu Unnithan.
lt's a difficult us if you chase us from there.
We'reso pooreven go somewhere & stay.
Who told to stay somewhere?
l only did as per rights.
Don't seetherights.
lf everybody capture their land like this,wherewill they go? lsn't it?
You don't needto go anywhere. Staythereitself.
Then, a boss is herewith sympathy.
No needto call as boss. Just call me as Mallaiya.
Happy, Mallaiya.
A big problem has got overafterl interfered in this.
Then, do you know whyl bow you? Not for anything, but my dhoti tore.
You're abig man.
l'venoticedthat from you came. Then, your arrogant.
You'regiving respectwhen you talk. Weliked everything.
Today onwards theseworkers & this Gopalan will bewith you.
You'renot Mallaiya, pearl. Muthaiya.
Shout hail to Mallaiya. Mallaiya!-Long live.
Pearl... Kannada pearl... -Pearl... Kannada pearl...
Kannada pearl,who wear specs.
Brave man... Mallaiya.
Long live...
Whitepigeon! Mallaiya...
Mallaiya has fascinated village people & workers.
His hail shouting could beheard even neighbor village.
Boss! You desiredthat field & bungalow. lt has gone.
Mallancharu peoplehave started chit company also.
lfit goes like this, he'll succeed. -Stop it.
This Nagendran have faced boldly, even elephantgot wild.
l was quietbecausemyuncle prevented me saying politics.
Mallaiyahavepolitics & police support. So, it'd bedanger ifweattack him straightly.
Attack him with intelligence as per unclesaid.
Thereis a way. Village peoplewill oppose him,who shouted hail for him.
We'll makeit.
l'll makearrangements forthat.
Our Dhesamoolam gotreleased from the jail & roaming in thetown.
First, we'll call him.
First, we'll call him.
Stop, man.
Would you ridecycleon theroad?
Get down & go, dog.
l'm coming from thejail, doing amurder. Don't tryto send methereagain.
Brother! Today's Kerala...
Why? Won't be Keralatomorrow?
Dhamu! ls your punishment period got over?
lt's over. But l'veto go thereagain killing him.
Two ounce Dhesamoolam.
He's drinking. So, he's going beat.
Who is he?
l'm going to attack Suresh,who witnessed mein the murder case.
Murder case...?
Yes. l've spoiled plantain tree. That scoundrel only witnessed mein thepolice.
l'll do mywork afterfinishing his account.
Take it. -Someof your balancecredit drinking all these...
What? What is it?
Keep somedrinks for me. l'll haveit after l beat him.
You monk!Are you looking?
lf you want cometo put wreath on his body after taking bath.
l'll show you.
Oh no! My God... Dog...
Don't scarelike this. You people.
You rascal Suresh! Are you giving statement againstme?
lf you haveguts, come out. Else, l'll come there.
Todayis your last day.
What is theproblem? -Dhesamoolam.
He's beating that Suresh.
Suresh...! Suresh had changed his houselast month.
Now, new C.l only is staying here.
We'reold friends. Hecarried meto make me sleep.
Oh! My God...
Take a whitecloth to cover me.
Put him to the vehicle.
Finish me without taking me for beating everybody.
l can't you bear your beatings, you all.
You will get cured, aftertaking good care.
No need. Circle inspectortook care well.
ls it paining here? -Yes.
ltwon't be cured bymassaging.
A major operation is needed. -Why is that?
Your intestines aretangled.
Take your hand.Are you sayingthinking myunderwear ropeas intestines?
You'rea villagedoctor, isn't it?
Put your steps carefullybecause oppositepartyis strong.
Don't tryto revengehim in ahurry.
He maythink that you'redefeated.
lf any emergency, you should attack him.
Sir! Tell thedoctor, whatareall theparts you'vebeaten meexactly.
Doctor hasn't understand where itis paining.
Sorry. When you enter myhouse...
Don't remindthat. Dear...
No problem forthat. This is his usual thing.
Enough. Massagehim totally & finish it. Hehas some otherwork also.
Thesamecolour ofthegate,when l was beaten before.
Must punish this government, who gave permission to built this compound.
lt's myluck. l didn't looseit.
We shall go, dear lorry.
This is our lovesymbol.
Whereis thelorry? KD 2829. Who are you? Deaf?
Muruga! l've found our missing lorry.
Butif you want me, you must comehere.
Where is thelorry, now?
Lorry... That palanquin uncle, you know? lt's parked colliding his house.
Mallaiya... -Why is he crying?
We're scared.
You tryto kill us totally saying not to go anywhere. lsn't it?
When hetoldthat you'll destruct everything.
Wedidn't think that you'll do likethis.
Yesterdaynight, master& children had not gone for Kadhakkali,
...whatwould betheir position?
l always sleep in this verandah only, ifl didn'tgo to Vasanthi's house,
...what would bemy position?
l'veshouted hail for you, Mallaiya. But l felt forthat, now.
Boss' arealways likethis. Theywill say something & do something.
lt'd be betterto kill us than shatter our house.
Master! l don't need to play a drama likethis to chase you out.
lfl want to chase you out, l'd do it. But that is different.
Someone stoleourvehicle & crashed into your house unconsciously.
Elsewill l do like that?
Mallaiyais not a cruel man.
You'vetied an innocent man, we must speak like this only.
Whatever it is, your lorry only shattered our house.
Then, you must answer forthat as a owner.
Webuilt this housewith difficulty. You know?
You don'tworry.
We'll build yourhouse than its old condition.
lt's right.
Why shouldwebuild house for a fraud?
We can go saying like that. But we don't go.
Because, we're men with heart.
l will build this house with my supervision.
Well done, my son.
Who is the R.C owner ofthis lorry?
lt's me.
Then, get in the jeep.
What's thematter?
Attempt to killing. They didn't vacate the land, so you've triedto kill them.
This caseis enough for arresting you.
Getin the jeep.
Are you opposing me? You rascal.
A man is standing here, sir.
Leave it. Else you'll finished.
No, sir. Wedon'tinterferein this. Leavehim.
First, you catch thethief, who took mylorry.
Then, we'll think later.
They'veagreedto buildthehouse.
So, wedon't need to complain this case.
Sir! You may go.-Have you heard it, sir?
lfthey don't needto complain, we'd becaughtin tragedy.
This Mallaiyahavepowereven in central.
Come.-Take the lorry.
Don't take the lorry.
We'll givethelorry, after startingtheconstruction work.
Till then, it'd stand here fora surety.
She's atrouble maker.
Your name? -He's asking your name.
Mallaiya! Would you ask the name, who haven't married?
Shehas abad name, becauseshecouldn't get married.
Gowri...-Gowri...? Okay.
Givethelorry aftertheconstruction work is over.
Till then, it'd stand here fora surety.
Hey! Takethe vehiclethere.
Gowri! Are you happy?
Take the vehicle. You men! Pleasemove from there.
lf anytile fall on yourhead, wewon't take you to the hospital.
Move. Takenow.
Take the right.
What happened?
Eight men had surrounded me with thesickle.
Not a weak men. Theyhad came from North.
l born as a Chattambi. Can't escape, right?
You'veescaped many times, then what?
Won'tl need a gap when they surrounded me?
Not only that, lorry's steering was in my chest.
Steering...? -No. Theselorryworkers aremore in that gang.
After 30 minutes, when l got conscious, l felt more.
Perhaps, ifl go to thelorrybottom...
No,went towards thepipeon theroad...
& Washed my panties & gone to thehospital.
Oh! God...
Whathappened, Gopala? All ofyou plastered in your head.
Just forfun.
Don't you know?
Somepunk had stolen Mallaiya's lorry & crashed it on master's house.
We knew that.
Mallaiya had foundwho crashed it.
Dhamu! What happened?
Teahas goneto my head & blocked.
Perhaps, you...? -Me...? Go, man.
Forwhom are you looking, Shivan Kutty?
l'm waiting forthe 11 :10 bus.
My sister is coming in that.
Shehas got thework in thehospital here.
People know that who recommendedthatjob.
Wantto haverelation with him, Shivan Kutty?
Wantto get caught in theproblem yourself?
Why are you dull, brother?
l think your ambitions won'ttakeplace. They'vefixed your marriage.
Withoutmy permission...?
Okay. Who is thebridegroom?
l'll tell. You come.
See. The one,who is beating is your bridegroom.
That criminal...?
l had gone from this villagecouldn'tbear his troubles.
l'm tellingthis to heareverybody.
See. l'm goingto marry her only.
lf anyonecome,to marryher...
You'll be in his stateonly. Okay?
You'remorebeautiful now.
Tell yourdadto fix the dateon nextweek.
lt is hated by everyone.
But couldn't wesurvivein this village opposing Nagendran?
This house's document is in his hand.
We'll lose our honourifhechaseus from here.
Whatever you say, l won't ready to marry that rogue.
l'll repayhis loan somehow.
Else, don't tryto repaytheloan using me. lt's not possible, mom.
l'm surethatanymistakeshouldn't take place,when l am supervising.
l'm surethatanymistakeshouldn't take place,when l am supervising.
Nail it strongly, wouldn't l give 2 inch nail, right?
Why aremixingthis cement likethis? lt'll set ifyou mix well.
You'resaying supervising... You mean seeing the girl...?
l just seethelorry...
l understand.-Come, Muruga without standingthere.
We'll see your game.
Hedoesn'tknow your game.-Then? -Heknows watching thegirls.
Yes, l don't know anything about your game.
You come daily. You'll know automatically.
Don't you have any work in chit company?
Wantto closeit coming here?
lf anything emergency, they'll call me.
Master! You playthecard.
Appointsome moreworkers also. Elsewhen will it complete?
ls this ajumbo circus?
Take yourthings. l'veto take the vehicleto the workshop.
Then,wherewill wekeep these things?
Hey! At present, leavethe lorry here. They'reusing it like a house.
House...? Oh! My God...
What, man? -l thoughtthatwill theyusehereas their toilet.
Sister! ltseems rain will come. What shall wedo now?
You don't worry. lt's my dutyto protect you.
l'll makea way forthat.
Murugan sir brought us here,when therain came.
Hesaid that ''you may go after theconstruction work is over''.
Shall you come to play?
Mallaiya! Mybathroom light has got fused.
lf you give abetter mass light, l'll finish the work. Couldn'tl get?
Brother! Do you haveany candleto light, don't you...?
lf you kerosene, firing that...
Whereis thatthiefMurugan?
Think it as your own house.
lfyou need anything, you can ask me, Meenakshi.
l'll help you.
Leave the place immediately.
When therain came, everybodywerecried.
Wheremaster will go having matured girls?
l saidthat ''Mallaiya is not a cruel man.
This is abig house, if you all comehere, he'd behappy.''
Don'tl know your character?
lt's enough if you smear on your back yourself.
Don't show it to me.
You idiot! Do you think as l'm a stupid?
Hestarted his work, when he saw that girl there.
We mustsmearstone limeon his back.
Find arental house & transferthem all.-Okay.
lf you find anyrental househere, l'll kill you.
lt seems thatl'm residing her houseseeing her arrogance.
Good. You'recookingwell than doing driving job.
All are very delicious.-Thanks.
l've not prepared these. This Gowri only.
That's why, it's saltiness.-lt's delicious, right?
Yourtongueis not mytongue.
Mytongueis not yourtongue. Keep quiet & eat.
l've prepared this gravy.
l'll eat havingthis.
Meenakshi is smart in everything.
Butsome girls areherewith arrogant.
You sit & eat. -No, l'll eat later.
Sithere. -No, Mallaiya.
Have you finished? -My stomach is filled.
Meenakshi! Think Mallaiya as yourbrother.
Why? -Heis trying to mock me.
l want to talk something to you.
Don'tlock the room in thenight.
Meenakshi! What did hesay to you?
ln agood time, l...
Girls arehere. lfyou roam likethis,whatwill theythink?
Go to sleep without getting bad name.
We'll talk till the dawn.
Arewelovers to talk in the wholenight?
l feel to sleep.
Please go & sleep.
l'll sleep. But beforethat, amatter.
What's this?
What are you doing?
What's this?
Are you goingto teach me Bharatha Natyam?
Else, you'll get bad name to me.
l couldn't lock the room outside.
lfyou walk, l'll know that.
Who is goingto walk? lfl shaketheleg, you'll hear the sound.
l can hear thesound if you walk.
lf you walk, l'll kill you, my son.
You'vecomehereonly to tortureme from Karnataka. You...
You devil...
Stop there.
Mallaiya... Hewon'tleaveme.
You thief...
Giveitto me.
What's this? -Murugan...
Not Murugan, Sri Krishna.
Stop there.
l thought you're very decent.
When you see me directly, blaming.
ls this yourwork at thenight, right?
l thought that it's Murugan...
ls Murugan standing near me always...?
Don't need your explanation.
l'veunderstood everything.
l think to tell this matterto my dad & others...
Don't say that. lt's happened unknowingly.
l've told sorry forthat. l'm asking you again. Sorry...
Where are you going? -To thetown.
l'veto show this to veterinaryhospital.
l'm also coming with you. -Couldn't carry animals in this.
That's right. You can getinto theroom in the midnight.
Let meask what's right in this.
Get in...
Take everything & get in the vehicle.
ls this amilk vehicle? lt's good, how you trapped him?
Some masks... Leave it, Gopala.
His arrogance has not vanished.
He's still having that. He mustshaved ifit is vanish.
Stop the vehicle in that tea shop. That man has to give somemoney.
Threaten him well.
You're cheating mewithout giving themoney. Takethe money...
l'll give you nextmonth. -Not possible.
l'll get itnow. -l'll give you next month.
Will you giveor shall l call Mallaiyahere?
No. l'll give it.
No complaint is in your name.
Why are you calm always? ls yourdad also likethat?
Why do you born? Don't you feel shy?
You know,who is he? He'll kill you, pig.
Wemust threatthewholeshop showing our Mallaiya.
Hehad beaten me onceunnecessarily.
Becausel had scold his mother.
This is the right timeto havefight with him.
l'll tell...
l'm goingto hit you like a dog.
lf you attack me again, Mallaiya will tear you.
You had beaten meonce, right?
Are you beating me? -Mallaiya...
Stop there. -Mallaiya...
l thoughtthatl'll bedropped well & join theduty.
But l neverthink this bike get breakdown.
You don'tbetensed. l'll arrange an auto in the town.
No tension at all.
l'vedecided to leavethejob, ifthey appointed meby Kaattappalli recommendation...
...instead of seeing my merit.
Who is this idiot? -l think they've noticed me.
Even l'm abig rowdy, you trustme. l'm Dhesamoolam.
Are you a village doctor? -No.
Before goingto the fight, l'll drink Dhesamoolam. So somebody calling like that.
lfl beat someone, l'll throw his body in a corner. So, somebody calling like that.
You may call meas you likein this.
But don't useotherwords.
What do you want, Dhesamoolam?
Kaattappalli havemany enemies.
So,theymay attack this girl,who is going to marry him.
So, l'll bewith her like a security dog for protection.
l don'tneed anyone's protection.
You may go.
Don'tsaylikethat. Then, why did l come?
l cameherebecausemyboss ordered me to protect you.
Comewith courage.
My God... l'll become violent ifl see the blood.
Central jail is like the children's park for me.
Whoever comes, l'll beat them.
See. Mallaiyais coming. -ls it?
He is coming hereonly. God... Don't break thestick.
lf you haveguts, find me.
Hello doctor! l've not seen you after you reach here.
l camehere yesterday only.
Do you know him before?
l'vebought this field & houseafterthecompulsion of Lakshmi.
l'velearned everything after you camehere.
That Kaattappalli is roaming with thedecision to marry mehimself.
He'll run off.
l'm hereto question him.
Lakshmi! You be bold.
Everythingwill happen as you like.
One girl is in thejeep & another girl standing.
ls this enough?
You'realovehero Mallaiya...
Then, shall l leave?
lfheseehim, l'll haveto seemy dead body.
Was he seeme? -Yes, hesaw you.
Was he? -Yes, wetold him a matter.
What it is? -Hetold that ifyou follow her saying protection, he'll break your leg.
Hemust belying, right? -Go away, sir...
Hewon't lie. He'll speak only the truth.
lfhepromised once, he'll do definitely.
He'll kill my familymembers also.
lfyou'renot interested, l won't follow you.
Tell me.
You both have laughed & talked. Are you so close?
Yes, very close.
ls ita love?
Hello! One minute...-l'll comenow.
Oh! God... Don'tbeat me.
Don't saythis outside. -No.
He's loving her so much.
Mallaiya saidthat if Kaattappalli wish to marry her, he'll kill Kaattappalli.
Oh! God...
lf you haveaffection on your boss,tell him to forget this marriage.
Apart from that, don't say other matters.
No. l won't neversay. l swear on God.
l thought many times that l've to say this secret to you.
lt's aproblem ifl won't say or l say.
lfl say, boss will go & question Mallaiya.
Mallaiya will beat & kill you.
lfl wouldn'tsay, you'll marrythat doctor.
Then also Mallaiya will beat & kill you.
However it is, your death is sure.
Oh! God...
See. Who is goingto die.
Vadakkamalai peoplearecoming. Something is goingto happen.
One tea.
Kill him & go from there.
No policewill come there.
Mallaiya! Don't go to the field now.
Kaattappalli calledthugs from Vadakkamalai.
Their plan is to kill you.
Not to the field, l'm going to Kavalailaika.
You'resuperb, Mallaiya.
Hey Kaattappalli! lfyou'rereal man, comeout.
Don't go there now. -What will happen ifl go?
This Nagendran oppose even a wild elephant.
Have you seen your Vadakkamalai thugs' condition?
Don't you feel shy to play dramalike this?
lfyou're man, attack directly. -l'll attack directly.
l know throw this in your chest.
Stop it. Stop everything hereitself.
Else, your intestines will comeout tearing your stomach.
You don't know aboutme. Kaattuppuli! You bastard...
You'rethereason for Kaattappalli's growing.
You must hack his growth in the beginning itself.
l know what to do.
Butl couldn't go to jail after killing him.
My enemy is different.
Theone, who chopped 16 times my dad. He is my enemy.
l wantto kill him.
You know, how hebetrayed us, Mallaiya?
Once, dad had returned from the Masanakudi field.
Heknows only Kannadalanguage, he doesn't know Malayalam.
Heis an orphan, his name is Veeru.
Dad had treated him as his son.
Me too thoughtthatl got abrother.
After that, policehad caught the man,who attacked my dad.
Hetold a truth then.
Veeru was as his man.
Their plan was deceiving my dad after playing a drama like that.
After knowingthis, heattacked my dad & Kurupachan, robbed the money.
But he caught by our masterSickle Vasu.
Policehad caught that Veeru, who escaped from us.
When hewas taken to theplace, heagreed all his crimes.
You've chopped Unnithan to rob themoney, right?
You'reinnocent, right? l'm asking you that only.
When he had goneto show thehiding money, he had cheated again.
Catch him.
Police & village peoplehadtriedto catch him, but he had escaped.
But ifGod is real, he'll show meagain.
l'll chop him beforeeverybody, likehechopped my dad.
Hehad betrayed likethatto this family.
Hehad mademy dad bedridden,who loved him.
Wantto seehis cruelty? See it.
l said on that dayitself. Don't interfere unnecessarily matters.
You didn't listen.
What shall l say that you won't be prosper well?
Chargea caseimmediately on Mallaiya for attacking him. -No.
l don't wantanyhelp ofrules & politics.
Apolicecase for attacking Nagendran... Don't want it.
l want to succeed before this villagepeople.
Leave him to me.
Doctor! Advice & make him understand.
You'regoing to takecareofhim after themarriage.
l'vea meeting. Shall l go?
Haveto stitch. Before that, have to give inject anesthesia.
No. Stitch it withoutinjection.
lt'll bepainful.
Must be painful.
Then, only my revengewill increaseon him.
What happened?
He was standing in front of an anger elephant. lt attacked him.
l want to seehim.-Never mind. Come...
Won't hetalk? -He'll understand what wespeak.
He answer us onlybytears.
Shall weshow him to the doctors...-We'veseen many doctors.
Everybody said that there is nothing to do.
l'll take the tea.
Do you recognize me?
This is me, Veeru.
l'm your Veeru, whom you loved me as yourson.
Why do you comehere again?
To takehis life?
Why did you betray him,who loved you so much?
Everybody... l... l didn't do.
l didn't do.
Heis like my God.
lfanyonebetraythe God?
Trust me. Mom! Atleast you trust me.
l didn't betray anyone. l will never betray anyone.
Oh God! See, they areblaming me.
Dad! Please tell. Tell that l'm notreason forthis.
Enough! You go.
Leave this villagebefore knowing my son & this village people.
lfnot, you won't be alive.
What happened?
What's this?
Takethis as aprogress.
lt's goodthat hereacts,when we speak to him or see him. Let's see.
Perhaps, when Mallaiya speak with dad, hemaytry to answer him.
Hemightgetthestrain becausehis vocal cord damaged.
l'm goingto tell everything Chandra Mohan.
No. He won't believe you as l believed you.
Heknows everything. But heis lying unable to speak.
On that day, l don't know Malayalam. So, l don'tknow what to say & what to do.
Even l didn'tknow who cheated me.
That's why, don't say anything to Chandra Mohan.
Mallaiya! What did you say for dad's reaction?
We'll get chance forthat. Don't go now.
You had beaten the snake. Be careful.
A daywill come for myrevenge.
We'll seethen.
l've torn your stomach only.
Go fast.
Else, l will tear you fully.
We'll see.
Let's see.
When Mallaiya recited somemantras before Unnithan, Unnithan ascended.
Afterthat, he ran 2 rounds in the Panchayat ground.
Go away, man.
Perhaps, Mallaiyatold my namebeforehim as Dhesamoolam Dhamu.
Unnithan would havereacted forthat.
This is nota problem now.
Will Kaattappalli or Mallaiya marry doctor Lakshmi?
Thewar forthe girl, ithas been from thehistorical period.
ln the beginning, what happened in America?
l'll kill you, you scoundrel.
Why are you takingAmerica as your example? Talk about here.
Leaveit, Dhamu.
ls foreigner made you?
lf you read English novel again, l'll pluck your eyes.
lt's goodthatl don't haveS model knife.
Return themilk vessel.
You'veresided in that Mallaiya's house only.
Butthat doctor had resided in Mallaiya's heart, Gowri.
Somebosses arelikethis only.
Theywill marry another girl even having thesetup in theirhouse.
She got tensed.
Don't ask forgiveness. Go...
Havel kissed you? l couldn'thear & see.
Oh! God... Which place is this?
Stop there.
Atpresent, don't say this to Mallaiya. Sister! You go.
They'renot good people. Go...
l'll never beat girls.
Butl won'tleavethem, who laughing at me.
Are you laughing? You thief old man...
Laugh now. lf you haveguts, laugh now.
You don't know about me.
Have you heard about Dharavi at Bombay?
l'veheard & gone there. Why, man?
Brother! Will you takeme Bombay once?
l swear that l didn'tgo there. l'll take careofthe expense. Will you take me?
l'll another story. You give your hand.
An ant is walking likethis...
Go inside.
Wetalked about thestory of elephant & ant...
l'll tell one thing. No needto say anything touching the body.
Don't forget that we'realso having honour even we're poor.
So, don't disturb her again.
Your husband gotsick from thepast 5, 6 years, right?
How is itgoing?
l asked about your expenses.
What will you do? -Gopala! Don't try get thebeating in thecow dung's hand.
lf you obeymyword, l'll give you gold in your hand.
You both stop your romance & feed something to the cows.
l'm collecting cow dung here.
Won't you allow me to eat? Don't disturb me.
l'veunderstood your job.
You'reselling milk mixingthewater.
Selling the straw ofpaddy by cheating.
ls these all yourworks, right?
l swear on this, l didn't do likethat.
Don't depress mesaying thelast week matters.
Can't trust anyone. lfl trust, they'll cheat me.
Whyis shebehaving like this?
ls she foundthatl sold the buttertoday?
Tell them to do the construction work immediately.
Else,take arental house & transfer us to there.
Whatis the reason forthat?
Your brother is disturbing us.
Who... Murugan? Why did hedisturb you?
Not me, Meenakshi.
Hemight havetell her for fun. -Don't show your play or fun with her.
My namehas got spoiled. Want to get bad name for her also?
lfyour nameget spoiled, you're responsible forthat, not us.
Don't play. You'vegot abad name.
This whole village is talking about you & that doctor.
Not onlythat, l've composed music.
l can't bearthis villagepeople trouble.
How didthey know this?
l've keptthis as a secret.
l know about your character in thebeginning itself.
You had cameto myroom in the midnight, isn't it?
Was an incident took place likethat?
What Mallaiya? What am l hearing?
When you go to girl's room, won't you go without her knowledge?
Else, we'll get abad name.
Enter earlymorning 3'o clock. You won'tgetproblem.
l'm saying this as per my experience.
l've not enter her room.
You know, our Karthikeyan...
Theone, who stole my panties... l'm saying about him only.
All these days, l hide this secret.
Hereafter l'm going to say this to everybody.
You go & tell.
You'rethreatening mesaying this all thesedays.
Shall l tell you the truth?
l came thereon that dayto spoil you.
You had escaped because you awaken.
You won't escape again.
Seethis. This sprayis used to makeunconscious.
After sprayingthis, l'll spoil you.
Todayitself, l'll spoil you.
Becareful with Mallaiya.
He'll putbomb ifyou lock the door.
lf you can, buy a iron chudithar.
Else, no. Wewon'tleavehim like that.
Shall l come & sleep with you?
l'll beat you.
l'vetold you manytimes that don't disturb that Meenakshi.
Don't you havehonour?
Mallaiya! Don't tryto act smart?
l'vealso heard everything as you told her.
l just told that for fun.
lt's a shaving cream.
What did you do?
What is this scent?
Cent...? This is acre.
Please sprayhere.
This is used to makeunconscious, man.
After sprayingthis, they will understand after everything is over.
Whereare you going taking this?
l won'tsay.
You silly girl! Are you sleeping here?
l'll make you unconscious.
Faintnow. lfit is sprayed, you'll be unconscious.
Yes,this is thespray to makeunconscious.
My marriage. Firstinvitation to you because you're my father-in-law.
Whatare you starring at?
l only fixedthedatewithout inform you.
Next month 18th, between 10 to 10:30 A.M.
Onemonth is remaining more.
l'venot ask you anything as dowry.
l'll takecare ofmarriageexpenses. Then what?
Whatever itis, don't try to threaten us & do yourwork.
Brother-in-law, you're good.
Your dad had promised mewhen heborrowed money from me.
lf you won't agree forthat, after yoursister becomes a doctor...
Are you here only?
You may think that l'm marrying you becauseofyour beauty.
This my stubbornness ofmarrying you to defeatthat man.
Good. lt's betterto die than marrying a criminal like you.
lf you act with that Karnataka man's power, l'll kill you.
Leaveher. Leave...
You... -Don't do anything him.
Are you pointing me? -Son...
No. -lf you won't obey myword...
l'll burn you.
See, his style of climbing, Mallaiya.
You idiot! Why are you watching his back?
Talk with discipline, Mallaiya.
You only talking without discipline.
l won't comebefore you without you learningthe Malayalam.-Go... You idiot.
Doctor! Why have you comehere?
Do you know what villagepeoplearetalking?
l came hereto ask forgiveness forthat.
Mybrother only had developedthat to escape from Nagendran.
l know thatit made you troubled.
He did that without thinking... -No problem.
Now,theproblem is very serious.
That Nagendran hadfixed the marriagedate & issuing invitations.
So, villagepeople's talking is true.
Everything will bealright.
Everything will bedone as you wish, Lakshmi.
You becalm.
Don't watch. Are you coming or not?
l guessed that what theytalk.
Rumours are created likethis only. lt's good.
People are talking something becausel'm coming behind you always.
Be careful.
What they aretalking? -Theythought that l'm your servant.
lsn't ittrue? -lfitis true, come.
Why are you starring forthat? You'restill starring at me.
Gowri! Getin.
No. Beginning itselfl'vegone bywalk only.
l'll walk likebefore.
You man! Why Gowri is angry?
Not only Gowri. l'm also angry with you.
You haven't say anything about that doctor as we're acquainted so much.
lfyou'd havesay, l'll havedo anybroker job for you.
Tell Kaattappalli not to interfere. l'll conduct your marriageas your dad.
Gowri also with you, isn't it?
You idiot...
What did you think aboutme?
l didn'tloveanyone even in myteenage. Then, how now?
lf anyone ask help to me, l'll help them.
lf Lakshmi ask orthis Gowri ask, l'll help.
Nothing is therein that.
lfyou talk unnecessarily, l'll beat you.
Do you understand now?
Do you understand, you naughty?
Gowri! lfl ask something,will you tell the truth?
Why are you getting furious,when Mallaiyais going to marry that doctor?
Likethat, whyis he explaining everything to us?
l'veunderstand bythis. lf adamant peopleloves, it'd be likethis.
First theywill fight & makeus as mad.
You! Gopal brother...
Come, man.-Now it's right.
Come, man.-Now it's right.
Master! Come fast.
l've thepleasurelifebecauseofthat Murugan.
l don't like him likethat. He's a womanizer.
He's a decentperson.
How Muslim children call her mother? -Umma... (Mom)
ls it...? Give itto me.
l think she's agreed.
Are you playing chess? Release the card.
You'venot givethekiss.
Don't go.
ls heasking thekiss? Go & givehim.
Don't do it.
What they aredoing?
How will staywith him ifhedesired likethis?
Don't you feel shy, following that girl?
Don't you feel to shyhaving liquor playingthecards?
Are you talking doing worstthings? l'll beat & change your face shape.
l won't see anyone.
Are you advising megettingtheamount from Mallaiya & playingthecards here?
What did you say?
Chandra! Don't...
l said you to leave.
lf you touch him, l'll kill you.
Mallaiya! He is so important than me, isn't it?
You both are same for me.
He's theex-owner ofthis house.Apart from that,what relationship you'vewith him?
lfit is, l'm also nothing.
l'm thesecretary's son, when you boughtthefield at Masanakudi. ls that all?
Am l treating you like that?
What's this Chandra?
Mallaiya! Forgive me.
When he behaved with Meenakshi, suddenly l...
You're talking after doing that?
How manytimes have l toldthat you don't disturb Meenakshi? You rascal.
l'm not treating her notlikewith other girls like before.
l don't think that's amistake.
Don't talk. l'll kill you.
Mallaiya! Don't disputebetween you becauseofus.
We'll go theretodayitself.
You need notgo. He is only.
l'vedecidedto go. Don't tryto prevent meto go.
You need not comehere.
My dog onlywill comehere.
You havemanyrelations. Everybody stayherehappily.
l won't bean hindrance to anyone.
Master! Atleast you'd have shown yourgratitude for buyingthis wheel chair.
Call him, Mallaiya.
He'll come. He'll comein this house.
lt's verytastebecauseof you Gowri.
You've agreed atleast now.
ls your dogwon't come? -Dog...! l don't have any dog.
You'vegone sayingthat your dogwill come.
lfl go,who will thecheque tomorrow?
Forthat only Samy is here.
Won'tSamy seetheauditor? -He'll go aftergiving the cheque.
Who will takecareoffield work?
Workers are thereto do that.
Keep quiet,when l eat.
Leave it Mallaiya. Don't say anything.
Master! lf you haveany complaint in thewheel chair, tell me.
lt has guarantee.
lfl got thesetup to placetheglass here, it's okay.
lt's goodthat comeagain.
l want to talk something.
Chandra Mohan has broughtthe alliance for Meenakshi.
ls he,who drinks all thetime?
He'd be a drunkard.
Wedon't wantthat.
Bridegroom doesn't haveanybad habits. Suppose ifhe havethat, no problem forme.
His works aregood. Meenakshi too liked him verymuch.
We've fixed that.
Hereafter don't disturb Meenakshi unnecessarily.
Chandra Mohan has selected you only, you idiot.
This Chandra Mohan is gentleman.
But one thing.
lt will happen only afterGowri's marriage.
Enough. Wecan conduct atthesametime.
Do you hear theirtalking?
Don't beadamant keeping yourself.
This is theright time.
l'm going to tell about your matter to master & Murugan.
Letthem talk to Mallaiya. Shall l tell?
l'll take this silenceas you'reagreeing it.
About Mallaiya's matter.
Mullaiya, Shit... Muthaiya... Shit... Mallaiya...
Marriage in this age?
Gowri hasn'tbecomeold forthat.
l meant my ageonly.
Letus do his marriage. l don't haveany desire likethat.
Don't lie. lt's already late. Pleaseagreeto marry.
lt won'tbe work out. -That's right.
Do you haveany problem in your body without doing the marriage?
lf you talk unnecessarily, l'll hit you.
Then, pleaseagree forthat.
Shall l tell that?
Muruga! Don't... l'm asked you for my daughters only.
That's why, knowing that l don't haveanyrights to ask you.
l only don't havetherights, master.
lf you all know, who am l? You'll hateme.
Master, Gowri & everybody. That's why.
Whatis thereto know about you?
l'vesomething in me that you don't know.
Village people don't know that, but this masterknow that.
First you know it & then decide.
Think afterthat, am l eligible for your daughter?
Mallaiya! l don'tunderstand... -Then, l'll tell briefly.
Long years ago...
Do you remember that thiefboy, who madein this condition... well as robbed peoplemoney?
l'm thatboy.
You had prevented me that l'm stealingthemoney, right?
But do you know, what had happened exactly?
Atthattime, l didn't know Malayalam, so l didn't understandtheirtalking.
Veeru! Take that money suitcase & go.
Run... Go...
What happened, sir?
Speak to me, sir.
Get up, sir.
Catch him.
Go fast.
Catch him.
l don'tknow who did that.
l camehereto find that & revengehim.
But everybody think l'm a thief.
A cruel man, who cheated his beloved his father.
l'vea doubt on that dayitselfthatthey're blaming you only.
Butwhen l asked aboutthis to Kurupachan, he told your nameonly.
Then, Unnithan onlyknows that truth.
lfthat truth reveal out, hemust speak.
Then, only this villagepeoplebelieve you that you're not the cause for it.
Onemistake... Only one mistake.
l didthat only.
l didthatto you. To escape from you.
l did likethat.
All rowdies end must belikethis.
God gavethis punishment for my sins.
That's all.
l'm worrying about my daughter's life in this condition as well as...
l'm ready to forget thepast, ifthey would get agood life.
Stop... Stop immediately.
Stop... Stop immediately.
Don't try to makemywifeto wear a white saree.
What, man? -Boss! l wantto talk alone.
You talk alone.-Okay. -Takethecar.
Not that. l want to talk with you alone.
Come, boss.
l got the news that somemarriage talking is going on Mallaiya's bungalow.
Mallaiya & Murugan aregoing to marrymaster's daughters.
Thereis a conspiracy in that. -What conspiracy?
Then,won't that Mallaiya marrythat doctor?
Oh! You'renow at Mallaiya's side?
Manyworkers had seen Mallaiya & doctor romancing in thefield yesterday.
Still, he's goingto marry anothergirl.
l'm askingthis is nota simple matter to leavethis.
Whatever heplays, no problem. Letus see.
ls he N.N.Pillai to play drama?
There is a conspiracyin this, boss.
Wemust findthat.
Forthat, l havegot an idea.
Oneofus, must join with Mallaiya's family & find the secrets ofthem.
l'm the suitableperson forthat.
But everybodyknow thatl'm your righthand.
How can wemakethem understandthat we'reenemies now?
lt's very difficult, right?
No difficultyin that.
l'll takecareofthatmatter.-How?
l & boss aregoing to beat you openly.
Beating...? Don'tneed. l'll feel pain.
Your idea is good.
Boss! Then, l will start it.
Don't play.
You pig! l will... -lfthereis no originality, theywon't believe.
Blood must come.-Oh! God... Stone...
Am l abasket ball?
Don't... -Don't comebefore the boss, again.
lfyou shout hail to Mallaiya, go with Mallaiya.
l won't...
Hereafterl'll usemybrain for Mallaiya only, Kaattappalli.
Shall l have thepower to walk?
Forthesedays, you'vebeen with Kaattappalli & how dare you come here?
l won't go.-We said you to go.
l'm saying that l won't go.
What are you starring? Beat & chase him.
lf you beat...
Stop... There should be ajustice, when you beat thethug.
Why are you beating me you all, like getting something in the Panchayat?
Don't you feel shy? lf you haveguts, comealone.
lf comealone? -l'll get less beating.
Mallaiya! l'm going. All of you beat. No problem to you, right?
lt become useless idea. l got thebeating in both sides.
l won't say anyideahereafter.
May be that Nagendran have sentus to find our secrets...
Haven't l tell you that intelligenceis importantthan anything, right?
Call him, we'll play.
Todayl can't. l'll come tomorrow & getit.
Comehere, l'll tell. -l will come ifyou promisemethat you won'tbeat me.
Swear on theGod.
Will you stand here properly?
l'm standing properly only. But ithad happened because of your beating.
lt's true.
We'll havediscussion to control that Kaattuppuli.
Don'ttry to leak out that.
Nobody will know that, Mallaiya.
Master...-What man?
When l had goneto astrologerto seethemarriagedate, he saidthatno dates now.
After that, l've threaten him showing theknife...
He gaveme agood date.
Let us prepare themarriage arrangements.
Who is goingto marry Mallaiya?
Don't reveal this.-No. -He's going to marrythat doctor, who selected by Kaattappalli.
ls it?
Boss! Wait. Mallaiyais going to marry that doctor.
Don't lie. -l swear on God,they'vetold me.
lt's agolden time then the sun spread its rays.
lt's agolden time then the sun spread its rays.
Greenish lanes will beseen under thesun.
lt's agolden time then the sun spread its rays.
Greenish lanes will beseen under thesun.
We haveapleasant feeling in between this.
Our dreams are full ofjoy and happy.
lncome tax people. l'm going to give the work for Kaattuppuli.
He'll understand.
Closeit, man.
Boss! lncome tax peoplearecoming. Take everything.
Where? -Seethere.
Take this.
Takethis also.
Throw it.
lt's agolden time then the sun spread its rays.
Greenish lanes will beseen under thesun.
l can't hear.
Hesaw me. l shall hide.
Don't do anything.
The happiness got spread over everywhereand in home too.
There won't belack ofhappiness hereafter.
We will get joy & happiness onlyhereafter.
We will get joy & happiness onlyhereafter.
Mallaiya! lt's a lie that Nagendran is going to marrymeon next month.
He's goingto marrytaking me.
Open thedoor.
Our marriageat 11 A.M
lfyou don't cometill then, l'll drag you.
Open thedoor.
Lakshmi! You don't worry.
Go with him.
Hewon'tmarry you today.
You bebold.
Hey! Dhesamoola...
Hemighthave seen me. Oh! God...
l came. -You know?
No. -That Nagendran is going to marrythat doctortoday at 11'o clock.
What shall we do, Mallaiya?
You don't do anything. l did already.
l'vefixed the bomb in all Nagendran's car.
lt'll explodeat 10:30.
lt's good.-You don'tknow about me, you idiot.
Not only fixingthebomb, he's having someplan also.
lfl won't reach at exacttime, bomb will explode & crow will peck myboss' body.
Move, you bull.
Sister are carrying woods for him.
Go, man.
Stop it. Bomb...
Boss! Comeout.
What, man? -Mallaiya had fixed bomb in all thecars.
Bomb...! -Yes, it'll explodeexactly at 10:30.
lfyou wantto live, all of you jump.
Don't stare, comehereboss.
lt's metelling.Jump... Oh God...
Don't fall on my head, man.
lt'll explode now, waitboss.
Mallaiyais comingthereto jump.
Get in fast.
10:30 is passed. Weshall go now.
l'll kill you, man.
Are you trying to kill me? lfyou haveguts, catch me.
Hemight havegoneto Karnataka with that girl.
Why Dhamu, you don't talk anything?
Now also, mybreathing has not reduced, villagedoctor.
After l fall in thewater...
Kaattappalli had searched mein that likean elephant...
lfl would get caught... My God...
Heorderedthatwherevertheyfind me & kill immediately.
l'm not theperson, who is scaring forthat.
Still l'm asking. Has the Coimbatorebus gone?
lt has gone. -Has itgone? Oh! God...
Mr.Dhesamoolam! Why are frightening?
Be bold.
You rascal! lfl would die,will you takecare of children?
He is trying to kill me saying something.
You pig... -Why are you showing anger to him?
Let me do rowdism atleastsomeothers.
Whatever you say, Vasu's daughters onlyhavelosttheir life.
l can'tbelieve that Mallaiya will do like this.
l've taken all theseare fabricated story all thesedays.
But he spoiled my daughter's life.
Tell me, where your Mallaiya took her?
l don't know.
Don't you know? Then, he'll cometo see your dead body.
Don't do anythingto him. He don't know.
Mallaiyahad cheated us.
Once he deceived us.
He is not Mallaiya...
He is Veeru,who stoleour money.
ls ittrue, master?
Nagendra! We'renot enemies now.
But you must givemea chance.
Must leave meto kill.
l won't give up my enemyto you. Go, man.
You maybeloser. But l only mustsettlethe account.
See his death & enjoy.
He won't escape. Wherever hegoes, l'll catch him.
Come, man.
Lakshmi hadtold everything about me to Mallaiya.
lfwe wouldn't get his help...
Perhaps that man, comes here knowing all thesethings...
Hewon't come. Heneeds only me.
l'm going to his placeonly.
He is my dad.
Verythanks, Mallaiya.
When that Nagendran troubles him, l camethere to meet him.
Buthe didn'tallow meto getin.
l had helped his father so much.
l don't know how to my show my gratitude forthis.
Sir! You had helped me too.
Do some help forthat. That's all.
Come outside. l wantto talk something.
l'velost my life.
l'm a thiefbeforethe village people.
You know all thetruths.
So many days passed.Atleast can you reveal it now?
When l enquired him,who attacked Unnithan at Masanakudi...
Who told you to do? -He didn'tmention your name.
Kaattappalli Kurupachan.
Sir! Saveme. Whateveryou want, l will do.
Somepolicemen had told this truth to Unnithan.
Are you tryingto betrayme?
l'll do it likethis, ifyou don't give shareto me,when we get theprofit.
Always l gave the sharemore.
As per account you must pay more.
Give itto me.-Kurupacha! Don't.
This is villagepeople's money.
Go, man.
Veeru! Takethat suitcase & go.
Nagendra! Escape...-Come fast.
Kaattappalli Kurupachan's son Nagendran only killed Unnithan.
To save his son, Kurupachan had came & met me.
Then, l've to show my gratitude for him getting the money from him.
You've chopped Unnithan to rob themoney, right?
You're an innocent, right? l'm asking that only.
You'vehidethemoneyin this forest only?
Was Unnithan gave you themoney, right?
Kurupachan onlytook that money.
Butwe fabricatedthestorythat you onlyrobbed that money.
l'm only the reason foryourbad state.
l'll tell this truth anywhere.
Mallaiya! Peopleknew that you are only Veeru.
They became furious.
They hadthrew stones in ourbungalow. Now they're firing ourfield.
Send him out.
This is thething happened really.
Heis innocent in this case.
ls people talking now hehad killed Unnithan & robbed themoney?
Theft & murder attempt. Don't you know the procedure?
Can't leavehim without arresting.
Tell him Mallaiya to co-ordinate.
lt'd be dangerous, ifhegoes out now.
People became furious.
Atpresent condition, it's safeifhestayhere.
l will take you on bail tomorrow from thecourt.
We'll reveal everything as per law.
Court will take me as goodwitness.
Hereafter you can walk before thepeople boldly.
Be bold.
Nagendran sir...
Don't search him anywhere.
Hehas came here himself.
Sir! lfyou come,we'll teach him a lesson.
l'll teach you, you bastard.
You don't know aboutme, you rascal.
Will you say in thecourt what areall happened?
Sir! You know,that Krishnadass, who had goneto the court, died in an accident.
l wonder now how will heprovethetruth.
Make your settlement soon.
Wedon't havethathere. We'll haveit beforethepeople.
l'll surrender him to the people afterl beat him well.
Then, theywill takecareofhim.
Peoplekilled him theone, who deceivedthepeople.
That would be the news on tomorrow.
Else, he'll go to the jail & return hereonly.
lfwe do likethis,we can seehis death.
Bring him to the furious people.
Hemadeall thesedeceiving us.
Nothing should beherebelongingto him. Hack everything.
Hack everything.
Destroy everything.
Look! These villagepeoplearein my side.
You'reathiefbefore them.
Athief, who robbed their money.
Gopala! Nothing is in our hand.
What shall wedo? -Unnithan only knows thetruth.
Unnithan only must speak.
Whatever you say,they won't believe you.
lfl just shakemyfinger,theywill kill you as a dog.
But l want you.
l want to succeed beforethem.
You escapeafter defeating me.
l don't want to escape.
lt's enough ifl kill you beforethem.
For chopping mybeloved father & mademeas a thief before this people...
l wantto kill you, you scoundrel.
Will hesurvive?
Oh! God...
He lost his vocal power.
Don't expect forthat.
What shall wedo now?
l've an idea,what Mallaiya said.
Beat & kill him.
Unnithan is speaking.
Mallaiya didn't chop Unnithan,this Panicker only.
Me...? -You only.
Don't lie. -l'm not lying.
Unnithan have told that. Weheard that also. -Yes.
l didn't chop anyone. May be Unnithan told it unknowingly.
Don't do anything. lt's not me.
l didn't chop Unnithan.
This Nagendran boss only.
He only chopped him. l had seen it. l swear on my children.
Tell them, boss.
You only usedto tell that even an anger elephant comes, we must face it.
Tell them you only chopped him.
lfl stand quietly, itwon't be good. Forgiveme, boss.
Are you deceiving these people? You scoundrel.
Oh! God... Beat him, Gopala.
Don't leavehim.
You don't know aboutme, son.
Don't leave him. Shall l cuffhim?
Oh! God...
l don't likethis, so l handed over this to myboys.
l'll bewith him,when hedies. Don't leave me.
We'll be with Mallaiya.
Lifthim, Oh God...
Pearl... Kannada pearl...
Labour! Pull it carefully, it's hurting.
Doing this work & surviving is safe to me.
Must appreciate this bull.
Carrying is your duty? l'm bull.
Walk fast, bull.
That's right. Mallaiya! Where are you going with your family, after giving us work?
You don't know aboutme, son.
Hello... -Hai.
Don't leave, Panicker.
You left it.
Don't expect me. l'll be in theriver or in the ditch. Oh! God...