2011 Commencement Speaker: Daniel Cameron

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The law school is extremely proud to have Daniel Cameron
chosen as the president’s outstanding student
speaker for this commencement ceremony
Daniel exemplifies the qualities of a role model
and a leader at the University of Louisville and in the community
I’ve known Daniel from his pre-law days
as a senior of the college of arts & sciences he took part in
the law school’s Harlen scholars program for undergraduates
interested in law and public policy
I didn’t realize it until later but I’d already seen him perform at the
Orange Bowl as part of that year’s Big East champion Cardinal’s football team
What has impressed me most about Daniel is this
he has made the absolute most of every opportunity
that the university of Louisville has afforded him
from his arrival on campus as McConnel Scholar
to his participation in all three of the Law school’s
most prestigious student activities
The moot court board, the university of Louisville law review
and the student bar association
it is hard to imagine a student in any school or college
at our beloved University with a brighter future
It is thus with great pleasure that I introduce to you
the spring 2011 commencement student speaker Daniel Cameron
That might have been the first time I actually
might have teared up at some point in my life
Thank you dean Chen for those kind remarks and
thank you President Ramsey because of your leadership
and direction our university has made great strides
distinguished guests, family and friends, and of course fellow graduates
let me start off by promising that this will not take very long
and you might ask how do I know this?
Well I know this for one because I’ve timed myself a couple of times
and Dr. Limley as you’ve seen him with that staff
I’m pretty sure he’ll hit me over the head with it if I’m up here too long
but I’d be remised if I didn’t thank two very special people
Von & Sandra Cameron, they’re my parents
I’m not sure where they are in here but oh I see you thank you all very much
thank you for the numerous sacrifices that you’ve made to make this day
and others possible, for your love and support
I am forever indebted so thank you
and thank you to all the parents and family members here today
for giving of yourselves and your wallets
to make our dreams come true now for the reason we are here and
that’s to congratulate you and celebrate you the graduates of 2011
we take this time to celebrate our achievements our triumphs and
in doing so celebrate the University of Louisville
and let me tell you that it is with great humility that I stand before you today
anyone of you could be standing here because we’ve all had experiences
at the University of Louisville that have made our stay here outstanding
and it’s clear that we share this one moment, that’s obvious
we have these gowns on these caps and everything else
here that goes along with the regalia but our journeys to this point are not
the same for some it started with a trip to our high school counselor’s office
for some it started while watching the cardinals play on TV and for others it
started with a conversation with mom and dad
and for a few it started by waking your spouse up in the middle of the night
and saying to them ‘honey I think I’m ready to go back to school’
and while here we’ve experienced so many different things
my experience involved meeting people like Jenny Sawyer, Marvin Mitchell,
Dr. Greg, Dr. Jones, Joe Dabolue, Sherry Allen,
Dr. Billingleys, Dr. Limley and of course Dean Chen
they’ve all had a profound impact on my growth as a student and as a person
others of you that graduate today can say the same you’ve worked while
going to school some worked and then went to school and some even
worked went to school and then left and then came back to school
and some played sports and perhaps you played football and helped the
cardinals to victory in the Beef O’Brady Bowl or I think Nate Harris is graduating
today and had victory in the Orange Bowl so congratulations to you bud
or you played soccer and helped the team compete in
the national championship some who graduate today helped start our highly
successful Lacross team or helped
the women’s basketball team go far into the NCAA tournament
or you were a cheerleader or a lady bird and won or competed
in national competitions some of you were a part of UofL’s honor’s programs
or other scholarship programs
some of you joined fraternities or sororities or helped out
in student government you’ve traveled abroad and you’ve experienced that all
this world has to offer and you’ve done it all while calling yourself
a student at the University of Louisville
it truly is happening here
as a McConnel scholar I heard senator McConnel
talk about the best and brightest I would hear that phrase over and over
again while the same can be said of all of us today
we are the best and brightest that the commonwealth has to offer
and I frequently refer to life as a book with several chapters
college is only one chapter
graduating from college should not be the end of your book
although a wonderful moment in our lives it is not the only chapter
we must turn the page and the question going forward
is how will you use those talents that were cultivated here at
the University of Louisville how will you make a difference in your
communities, this state and ultimately this nation
the phrase 'Carpe Deimis' thrown out around a lot
and it shows up in paintings, on movies and in speeches
but what better time to seize the day
than when we are closing one chapter and moving to the next
but I’m certain that you all understand this I have no doubt
some of you will take your talents to graduate schools, medical schools,
dental schools, and law schools others will jump straight into the workforce
and even more of you will decide to hang your shingle
and start your own business
but whatever you do do it to the best of your ability do not settle for mediocrity
be the best law student be the best medical student
the best employee the best employer
all in an effort to seize the day
and one more word of encouragement for those of you
that have not found that next step or have found employment allusive
it is true that we face uncertain economic times no one doubts it
but do not let that kill your spirit
continue to look and do not give up
and if an opportunity does not exist
then use the talents and skills developed here to make your own
in essence that’s what makes our country so special
it’s the American spirit it’s our ability to meet challenges head on
and overcome them all of us have those gifts and we all have a responsibility
to use those gifts to better our world and ourselves.
It’s your uniqueness, engunity and entreprenuatal spirit that will lead our
country in the 21st century serve your small communities
make this commonwealth better and ultimately make this nation better
once again congratulations to the graduates of 2011 and God bless you all