Racing at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring 2012 (1 of 2)

Uploaded by GranTurismoOfficial on 22.11.2012

My first impression was... this GT-R I'm racing is a commercial car.
Because of that its pretty heavy
and because the car's motions are exaggerated it's really hard to drive.
I'm still really unsure as to how it will perform at the Nürburgring.
The important thing right now is just to understand the characteristics of the car
and to simulate things in my mind to try to figure out
just how the car needs to be driven so that it will drive well.
To make it a car that you can feel safe in in which you can give it all you've got
having to achieve that at racing speeds was a great challenge.
Testing, feeling, analyzing test results with a data logger
and simulating the next setup with its results...
and then the driver drives again to feel the changes perform analysis, and so on.
We've been repeating this never ending cycle for a month straight now
and I couldn't say we've found the answer yet. It's a challenge that has no definite answer.
For me it was a totally new experience to change from a small private team
where everybody is responsible for everything -so also mechanical and technical responsibility
to such a big team, where I recieve such a perfect support from A-Z.
This is of course a very nice feeling!
The setup is so specific to the Nürburgring.
It's things like damper settings that takes into account the dynamics of the car after the car jumps and lands
or where the road surface is uneven and a tire will lift off the ground.
I don't have experience with something like this in the past
so honestly I just don't know.
Well, a dream result would be to become again best of the class-like last year.
But the most important thing is when you are participating the 24h
to start and to continue driving for the whole distance of the race.
This sounds simple, but knowing how many cars/teams are knocked out
because of damages or accidents during the race
so that finally only 60-70% of the participants are reaching the goal after 24h
it‘s easy to understand that the main aim is to reach the goal!
And tahn on top it would be like a dream to become again best of the class.
It's not possible to make a car that matches this course 100% to begin with.
It doesn't matter what car it is.
As the speed range become higher, input to the car from the rough surface intensifies
and the car will rumble and dance on the road.
You almost get thrown off the course at incredible speed. That's just a given.
So the first and foremost objective is really about how to take that edge off and stabilize the car.
But to experience an incredible car like the GT-R on a incredible track like the Nürburgring
in that combination, is a great experience that will prove to be an asset for us in the future..