ORCSD School Board Special Meeting August 28th, 2012

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Good evening
will this special meeting of the Oyster River Cooperative School District
School Board please come to order

and of course let the minutes reflect
Ann Lane was
It's 7 o'clock right now here's a picture
and we're here to discuss the manifest protocol and
thank you madam chair uh...
for the last meeting the board asked me to investigate investigate the process
by which manifests are approved in New Hampshire
and to that end I asked our attorney Dennis Ducharme to investigate
that for us
the reason that
the chair and the Board asked for this is because we had a process where we were
checks before the board had
seen the manifests, and of course that's exact opposite to what we should be doing
the board should see the manifest before
we cut checks
so in that light, I asked
attorney Ducharme to do some investigating
and what he discovered was that in terms of New Hampshire practice and law
it's really all over the map
there's nothing that goes on consistently across the state
there's no requirements that you could go to and say
okay that's how we're supposed to do it there's no case law that guides boards in
terms of how to do it properly
so as we looked at school systems across the state and as we reviewed the
letter from attorney Ducharme
we basically are up to our own
devices to devise what makes us feel comfortable as a school system
the number one issue being that who want to make sure the board approves the
uh... before we cut checks at the school system
other than that, if you
have had the opportunity to read
attorney Ducharme's letter
you can do you could have
manifest committee of one or two or in our case three people
you can make it the regular part of our board meeting you can make it a special
meeting before a board meeting there's lots of options before you
and i suggested one in my cover letter where the chair will appoint to or three
members of the body to review manifests
uh... in a regularly scheduled open forum
format meaning that
be one of my recommendations that
rather than continue current practice which is board members come in uh...
when they can and review manifests and sign off
that we schedule a regular time for um... manifest
uh... review
by the subcommittee appointed by the chair
and publicize that as if it were
a regular public meeting
you can't go wrong
by doing that
you know clearly the law doesn't require it
but in our case common-sense might
be the prevailing factor
and since this is a major concern of district and the past meetings of the
be my recommendation that we do have it as a regularly scheduled meeting
of the board
and i know that the chair has
guidance that she wishes to offer
in that light and that's as much as I
think is necessary to report madam chair
i'd be glad to answer questions of board members. Thank you.
My preference
would be to have it right
schedule it right before our regular meetings
so that we're here open
to the public and open to
review at 6:30 to 7:00
go on to our regular meeting
we have had discussions on this and maybe I'll defer to the
superintendent, my
preference would be to have
the regular meetings start at 6:30
for people show up we can open the meeting
review the
and then it's a regular meeting , it's a public meeting

superintendent would prefer to have it
or a committee of the whole
at 6:30
let me just
take one more
i have
in my past life
voted on the

i can see it the reason for not doing that because the board really does not
the right to vote no once
we have delegate the power to
the superintendent and his staff to spend money
we're obligated to pay the vendor
if we find that it's mis-spent
it's between us and the superintendent
we'll argue that out somehow
I'm not hearing a
very clear difference in what
Dr. Morse wants
and what madam chair wants
i'm having a hard time hearing it maybe the audience is as well
Dr. Morse said
it would be 2 meetings
the subcommittee meeting would meet and adjourn and then we may open the next
and so forward So possibly at the same
posted posted meeting on wednesday evening one starting at whatever time
and then finishing at the other meeting starting and your thought is
just have one meeting
could you please share with me it's not a huge difference what is the
that one requires a quorum
and the other if it's a
subcommittee it doesn't
but if there are more than
if I appoint two people and five people show up then we do have a quorum
yeah the significant difference between Maria and I and I
put it in terms of anything other than than a
as I would like one meeting to began at 6:30 and end at Seven because at
seven o'clock
the people in our community are expecting us to go on air and run our meeting
if we start at 6:30
for the manifest what i anticipate will happen is being doing due diligence
you'll go through the manifest for that half hour and at the end of the half hour
you'll be signing
signing off
which really you know for the community that's a half hour of
dead air
as we're doing are
very specific job of approving the manifest
so might only issue was 6:30 to seven gives us a
a place
to end the meeting and then begin our regular meeting
and again it's not substantive it's it's really a
it's an issue of preference
so in all honesty i can go either way
I wouldn't want to put you in a
position choosing between me and the chair
I thought one of the reasons this came up was because we needed to

to keep things smooth as far as paying bills we needed to
do them every two weeks
so how does this change that if we're going to meet once a month
no it would happen before every
regularly-scheduled meetings that would be once every two weeks except in
the summertime
where we want to specifically schedule time to do manifest Oh that's right it only came up
for the summer time it was once a month I'm just off schedule here
so there'd be an extra meeting in the summer would this group meet
or a couple extra meetings in the summer Yeah specific like we're doing tonight
to approve the manifest
we call a special meeting or get close to this microphone micro
whether it's a special meeting a just a regularly scheduled meeting for the purpose
of manifest
and if there's a
three week interval because there's a five-week month does that
change things in any way
I don't think so part of this conversation and not to confuse it further is
conversation that Sue and I were having
literally just befor this meeting started related to payroll at our obligations to
our employees
what we would ask annually
and we will ask this at the next meeting
is specific approval a standing order if you will
that we have the authority of the board to process payroll and benefits
and so we wouldn't come every two weeks with the payroll and benefits manifest
we'd just come every two weeks with sounds payable at that point is that right Sue
so with that
people manifest
being made available to us once a year just
exactly did you see yet we would have a gate the payroll for the here
and ask your authorization
proceed accordingly and then depending on what soon finds out every two weeks
that which is simply the apparel manifest
references that standing order
but it doesn't mean the most important thing that i think that
each year for a
one that i don't want to have a signs this evening is
dispossessed procedure where you are proving before we cut checks
that really was hard issue
everything else is sort of surrounding that that very fundamental issue
prior too
our discussions on this issue
question about how
regardless if it was a subcommittee eartha
meeting would start at six thirty
that's the recommendation me for
and then
sue bring
the staff of invoice since it would be present at those meetings she has been
this evening for example in her
and they would be ready for your review
apparently she would be giving answer question ranges most important
on average it takes me about power
and see
preakness tim
my you know there's been some times i haven't had enough my cancer
home but my kids are at school
and enable to go in and i thank you spent a fair amount of time
depending on how cream
you know sometimes
they don't have a lot of time and uh...
no i don't know the logistics of how that would work but we just
take the pilon pastor i don't even know how how it will work to be on second
and how at that meeting selected
in reviewing
i think everyone has their own personal
amount that they like to see in terms of level of detail
so uh... i just can't ask how do you get in the meeting being facilitated when
you have a stack i don't think she wanted to get more toward a reader
becomes kind of feedback
uh... aso i don't want to waste time you know i don't wanna ways people's
resources it costs the district time and money
winding up we're going to be testing
flipping through papers and we're paying for it to be videotaped and broadcast
that's does i'm respectful of that one waste of money
i'm also very
respectful of the transparency
all you know as much
out there it's possible for a bit u_n_ public tuesday so i
hi i'm not sure
you know and i'm also a little bit nervous about
what what happened to him if we were having a subcommittee meeting
an important ever started coming in for the meeting at seven back in the
considered a quorum out our stand out like how does that work
my questions you know competitors
i've been told
several people purposes micromanaging looking
at the manifest
let's just say on my way that i'm learning
yet what's going on in the school system
hopefully preparing may fourth next budget and i don't
no help to prepare myself for the next budget
if i must colossus
i feel him
again considers mike this is really the porch
uh... dying
empathize with natives concern in the last year
active manifest regularly
to attest to their yet their attitudes it's pretty
when the manifests
is reasonable size and one and becomes u
less than reasonable size
toward the end of the year
you can speak to that i think we know in advance when we will expect the manifest
to be
and when it's a reasonably size document
and perhaps we plan accordingly that
in end
equal in june and i can't remember exactly
oh july and august
it's larger
and perhaps please let's get to ourselves a little more time
to go through it based on having that knowledge in advance
i don't think that's reasonable
christmas present
if you take the pero i don't remember you know if that's what we do that when
your authorization how much
with that reduce what
so much
but i don't think it might be hard political
victim to faithful terms
likely to hold on
i think that the management of bizarre something that will learn together
and we don't have those answers tonight as soon as you give us the guidance on
how you want to do it then
will work through it it might be a little bit are quitting clumsy at first
until we get our feet
under us in terms of this process 'cause convenient all of us
and uh... will work for
here's my my glasses and i race was about the quorum
issue you-know-what for in subcommittee
i guess what we can do is
or embers cancer into the room
the committee meeting is dismissed thing so i mean people walking on subcommittee
means that they know what they don't want to be involved in the
the manifest that just
recuse themselves on what the people who start process like what what's going on
uh... sunshine
solar main experience wei-wen
well i think i'm sure megan's concerned with looking at the methods i think it
you know if it's really really helpful there
what what's this about enough for the soul of there could be potentially a lot
of talk about
a lot of different items on the manifest himself
you're going does open up a whole
protocol for how to go through the manifest some understand and look at
night by agree if he was a great learning experience but it could be
extremely time consuming we really did it
and i'm not quite sure how i would get around
the character place the bills order itself
i could be a standing sustaining
we still
regular meeting
we need your signatures
but none of those who review it
if we go with your idea
maria that it's a quorum we would have to have
subcommittee than you could say its
two threes
yes i have a subcommittee help ferry
honestly said
them their updated so you guys don't get victim
that but upset you
and you're so go when i signed the ocean them every parking lot with mister
it's my responsibility
right now i have a hard time heating up to somebody else nothing respect and
trust on this board i do
but that's not what signed off too
signed up to
which means that jeremy blackberry
to represent them and mrs
and most important function
that would have
i will go with
whatever the jury the board wants to do
or minus couple
but i don't
like signing thanks fred
just completely i mean
anybody can look at them past
and you don't have to be in school board's cracked
so theoretically
you know you could stick one could still look at the manifest that's not this
whatever we do is it gonna preclude any
buddy contain everything cans point ankerium eaters really three roles of
the school work
you know legislate policy
the fiscal
ultimate accountability
and uh...
the hiring in the interim superintendent
as someone
you know who it
i think the learning
one gets by looking at the manifest is can allow us to be
much that are in fact about process them
i agree completely i thank you very little
you know about a lot of operations in the district mueller not a lot about
um... you know that the cycle of business in the district as is coming
from that you know corporate private sector it's very different and it
you really can't appreciation and you can be much more effective i think
as a board member so i ideal you know i did
i will continue i will always be i will be fine i want to look at the manifest
not on the subcommittee or whatever irene i would probably still look at it
on my own free time
just to keep myself form so i can be
process i can be
time for my operations
could you tell me
one more time with the difference between
fifty planes over find kaka it where you're saying is basically only having
one extra person here half hour early
force to dispute let's just summarize a week
we don't have any manifest should be approved by
uh... billboard
whether it's the full bore
through quorum or subcommittee
uh... before checks or cut we agree mary and i agree
at that meeting should be a publicly unnoticed meeting
so that anybody in the public wants to look at the net that's good look at them
if they wish to
they can do that outside that meeting what they want to watch you guys to
commit as they can do that
um... the only place that we have
really just a minor in the news
than substance of the essence whether it's a subcommittee or whether it's a
aspca special meeting the board to address manifests
which would require or
and i think it
captured that very nicely that means the difference of one member of the
imprisoned so that's why i don't necessarily see this formulate more
mature more hardcore
you know in terms of
facilitating this discussion
i would defer to grease
um... recommendation
largely because it resolves the issue of
uh... board members feeling like they're being left out of the process then we
don't want that anymore than we want to have these meetings help
liquor helps
that would be what
i would support
the chairs conditions
crystal clear crisp so
so which you have a
so beautiful with europe
subcommittee for people
and that's anyone else
who would one or two and that could attend so presume we all seven could be
in their if they chose but before they would commit to being there
not subcommittee anymore
with regard to cut
waiting at the board
of those pratt's king
please commit
twenty months
at sixteen
and then someone else could
if they chose to
could also benefit and a lot more container them
but just to make sure that that i can open the meeting
i'm asking
press for more questioning
if somebody talking invoice records that needed more time
to look at the very best they could do that outside this meeting her with
but it would be great if they wouldn't be able to take any action outside this
meeting so it individual would never looking at the manifest has no power
anymore than an individual citizens looking at them
well i don't see that it's uh...
interfering with the public session
okay so for starters requires of somebody thought they needed more time
to look at it
that time of the
they could just do that ameriprise believe that advocates
the if you look at the letter from are turning
ludwig reagan is used to here
from being six bread and you can sign off
that but you look
lancaster compare yourself to him for that matter coming at with god
need more time to cope with it
dot right
sify com six thirty
we have four folders going through it asking questions seven o'clock we're not
know what i'm saying i think you could uh...
cayenne at ten o'clock p_m_ no tomorrow
you might feel thank you
you're done
but you still need to be here
abrasive are not moved
i guess anita x printing
so it's still the expectation annie i would still to make sure cuz i don't
know if i don't have time that half-hour allotments livestate
to make sure i set my own free time i can go into mass
certainly could have been doing our ready that set now you're signing in
this time
but you do it from this point forty wouldn't sign area please
the full group right
and you can not
tell yourself all i can wait until september frank russians actually
you can ask her for it but since
move just like anybody from the community compaq
with an absolute billable to answer questions of the body parts who is also
available days
west said
and wonder we don't need to start
dancers six forty five am who think that the bulk of the work is still open might
be done
like this one
that count that half-hour counts respectful meeting time
i know you have the world's record now insert meeting ticket all
uh... ten
i having a hard time separating
my role
as instead of sending motorola's them
school portman
i feel attic anything and getting
involving the school
thousand-member upton
of the board
so that drawing s us edison
and manifest
cleverer minds than mine
in them
throw them out
i was wondering if there is an emotional more when we shouldn't have ocean
is the motion that we
happy for it
and beating at six thirty before each
board meeting
the review of the manifest that vote on the manifest
with negative meetings
if you're suggesting
meeting for each schedules
manifest meeting before he's scheduled regular work
typically suggesting something different
a compromise
was separate
i found
is dedicated to manifests
and what time it means
six six six
so we would start the meeting at six thirty from six thirty seven o'clock
it's strictly manifest we don't stock them the business meeting till seven
o'clock even if we finished manifest at six forty five and that's against the
and it doesn't change the public transportation
and the first half hour
on camera
with arch and uh...
is a regulation
so we would have to him and that
reflect this
sm when perhaps you know
we talked about yeah
and oakley two point
forum video on how you get a bit wah kwong here before but i guess at the
meeting starts at
six thirty
bernard shaw
even though you only will need for people
i wouldn't the plant way
he said something about rotating
uh... ants okay
wouldn't mind paying at six thirty usse still up in the evening
it's chair
and ant
set years for the first
and not paid
and we don't have memphis
we do not because we didn't have props
that will happen in a at six thirty answer people point to keep it
wanted to do it
maybe we need yet
those situations
and then you can slap my hand at signature
that's not been outweigh
it simply
avery positions
it set
doesn't change the balance sheet should that happen
yeah restrictions
new campaign
bunk bed
and we don't have
the cash
yet we don't keep
in our office
extracting don't have models
because americans which its
board would be forgetting about me
news you know the vehicle that we could still use the process like a credit card
most cases
soda pop
worry about
i mean it event the the state statute
pain i don't know i meet some of the similar situations where
the operations in district after plunging you have to know you have to
allow them deluxe room to function the first of school and and and
you know uh...
but on the other hand it's
sorry if i could deadline for a conference and
that's a planning issue and if you wait till last minute use you know
i guess it's like so sorry campout
i guess that's one way i look at it any test that sort of because
in most
situations in my life
you have to plan
it's good for small
i mean i suppose so idon't acai don't know if there is an emergency we
marines com
emergency meeting acupuncture fallen log
account i'm not trying to be
i don't know how sustain meets me it's pretty clear i would not
secaucus that i would in terms of the slant route situation consider that
something elkins
perhaps museum
benchmark instead
affect kids
if it's affecting us loving education kids think it's pretty black and white
i think the the bottom-line issue is that there are always going to be the
this we'll have to extend the trust of the poor to the soup intended to do
their job
unifil arson
anticipating every contingency
but it's a very specific guidelines
rule that we have to follow
but there are going to be times when there's situation doesnt fit nicely into
you know hopefully you'll you'll give me the discretion to do it
for the summer there was an issue with
or in the spring going lead to russia
visas weren't
had to be reissued and there was a rooms cost associated with the reissuing of
that and i think it fell between board meetings and so this trip that had been
planned for sometime probably wouldn't have happened
lessens the ability to step in
so he that he seems to happen
i think that if where
ninety-nine point nine percent compliant
we're probably
well now based on this letter that we cut from returning
ninety-nine point nine percent compliant where the most school systems in new
so i think that uh... the process without like tonight will largely meets
our needs and then when those exceptions happened
i will tell you that
uh... sue and i will be very careful about
any kind exception
discount idea
plan for exception
could we have
a on that we approve
established you know i don't know if you can even
project how much she would need a nap time
so that supporters
bus back to the use solely for the fat purposes so that we we are
following the letter of the look
let's make footsteps
you know i i don't articulate that i think
i agree with everything
agree with everything
i don't want us to be seen
because of something
someone's tracking on
yeah easily do that
has a lot is not perfect
well let let us add that to our list of things to investigate to see if we can
establish if you're a thorny yeah aa total faith
units it well you know
handle that situation
despondent protect
for district absolutely
we could have both school board fund
this will be in that case whether
board could delegate sheraton authorized emergency
and so that there is the board you know michael
or everybody shares not available license would be somebody would be
available instantly that unique
but the law stability to keep it to people c we need to people
print along
well let us play with that between now the next meeting consistently have
processed one can i reread your motion into this
because it so that i heard you say
uh... motion to start our uh... meetings at six thirty
with the first thirty minutes reserved for manifest review
reviewing and approving
come sector
kerchatov so if they're second
jennifer that discussion
with her account
is complicated it's never been done before
i'd like to thank you both for taking
merv sincerity
and janet pushed me
it van
and and
photos soon
left thurs
the motion passed
motion to adjourn motions after
and on the imminence
thank you