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the face of birth MY SAY
'The Face of Birth' is a documentary currently in production.
Individuals following the progress of our film on FACEBOOK were asked to submit and choose a question to ask to our interviewees...
Q: "How do you educate our Dr's to give women all the information they need to make an informed choice about how they want to birth?"
We can only change the system, we can only educate the medical people
by referring to randomized controlled trials.
Properly conducted.
And of course, in many places these haven't been done.
And where they have been done,
students may not be learning anything about it
and established obstetricians, who have their own way of doing things
and know how to look after women,
they may not learn, because they're just not interested.
and they feel they're loosing control. You see there is a lot about control,
not just a woman being in the control,
but the obstetricians being in control.
And it's tough on them when they can't be in control,
because they see, that's how they're doing their job properly.
And I think we only change things, when we really look at
how research is taking place and what research needs to take place.
And women should be making proposals about the research that needs to take place.
And be willing to enter randomized control trials, for instance.
Although it can't all be randomized control trials. Because of course, take water birth, for example.
A woman who has her baby in water knows she's having her baby in a pool.
And a woman who isn't having her baby in a pool knows she is not having her baby in a pool.
So they're both very aware of the setting for the research.
So there needs to be qualitative research as well.
Audience inspired interview footage from the FACE OF BIRTH UK shoot, June 2010 --- Subtitles by Zuzana Lafférsová