White Coat Ceremony

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The White Coat Ceremony really is, was put in in about 1989
at the Pritzker school of Medicine at the University of Chicago and
then sort of, it fell by the way side for a short amount of time and then
was re-activated at Columbia University in New York and the
purpose of this ceremony was to actually initiate a student
sensitivity towards empathy for their patients.
These dental students will be the first class that will have a
four year experience utilizing these technologies to be able to advance their
education and to be able to, depicted by this ceremony to show
the kind of compassion and care early on in their dental training.
This new facility has been designed to really become a center for digital
dentistry and so the students will have the opportunity not only
to use digital scanning devices to do impressions but also will have computer
simulation situations for diagnosis and for fabrication of various
prosthetic appliances, it’ll be state of the art.