Solidream : Nouvelle-Zélande, objectif "Tongariro River"

Uploaded by SolidreamCycles on 02.10.2012

August - September 2012 New Zealand, Tongariro River quest
Canada - 2 months earlier
Hey Etienne ?
It took you a while to arrive in New Zealand
- Yes, it was long - Come on, holidays are over now !
Today, 40km hiking, after the beach we head into New Zealand's tropical forest
It's good, New Zealand is winning the game
In Auckland, New Zealand, we managed to borrow 4 boogie boards in order to surf down some rapids
We hope we won't break any of those cheap boards and that we'll manage to go down the rivers
and also to ride our bikes.
On August 29, 2012 we celebrate our 2 years anniversary on the road at Val and Richard's house.
Lets go now. We have the boards along the coast so let's see what we can do with that.
Is it dry now ?
We are hanging our clothes as best as we can...
...while we are enjoying our noodles.
Hmmm here is my delicious meal. Good no?
Thanks to the generosity we met on our way
we have now boogie boards, wet suits, life jackets and helmets.
We keep focusing on our goal, going down the Tongariro River and its rapids with our basic equipment.
We leave our bikes at Johanna's place who hosted us in Turangi.
Hiking upstream with the minimum in our backpacks with still the same goal in our mind
going down fun and powerful rapids !
Here it looks great.
Etienne's technique to keep his clothes dry
Show me. Yeeeaaah, what a gentleman !
- Are you ready ? - Can't wait for it !
Come on, let's go guys !
Haha! That was so ridiculous !
- My legs hurt so much now ! - Not bad, hey ?
- What are you doing Siphay, skateboarding ?
- Go away !
- Here I come ! - No !
- What ? - You're not filming, right ?
- No I'm not. You seriously think I'm going to film your weener ?! - Come on, stop it !
- You are naked ?! I thought these were white shorts ?