SYTYCD - Season 9 Finale - Performance Interviews

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STACEY TOOKEY: Two winners and two extraordinary winners.
I mean, I'm thrilled to have two classical ballet dancers
and both who I was fortunate enough to work with.
TYCE DIORIO: All four could have won, and everyone would
have been like, wow, awesome.
I would have been completely thrilled for Cyrus.
And I think everyone would have been.
ALLISON HOLKER: I love Cyrus and I would have loved for him
to win, but I understand why Chehon won.
And I think it's great that he did because he has so many new
places he'll be able to go.
Cyrus is already so strong in what he does, he's going to be
hired to do those things.
He's gonna go places with it.
People are going to want to see more.
With Chehon, it really gave him more of a light to
showcase that he has more ability to bring to the table.
You know what I mean?
So he's gonna be really pushing the avenues that he
didn't know he could go to.
TIFFANY MAHER: We've all worked so hard.
And it was anybody's game.
It was who picked up the phone that week, you know?
So everybody in the top 20 is a winner.
We have all been through this together.
Vegas week is one of the hardest weeks of your life.
And so to be standing here, no matter what, I
was gonna be so happy.
Because if it wasn't me, it was my friends winning.
CYRUS SPENCER: Literally Tiffany is the toughest girl.
I can not stress that enough, guys.
Tiffany is probably the rock in the entire season.
She's the rock.
You can drop her or hit her or try to do anything you want to
her, and you can't break her.
She's the diamond.
You can't destroy her.
She's amazing.
And Eliana, oh my gosh.
Are you kidding me?
Literally, literally, she's almost
flawless when she's dancing.
ELIANA GIRARD: I'm so ecstatic.
Honestly, I'm a little sad though, because
it's so much fun.
The crew here, you guys don't get to meet
them, but they're amazing.
They made this experience so much fun.
And of course, the cast.
Everyone's so amazing.
It's like being in summer camp that you never want to end.
CHEHON WESPI-TSCHOPP: It's great to see that So You Think
has found a spot for ballet dancers.
And that we've had such a big voice is incredible.
And I remember our first routine that we did-- me,
Daniel, and Eliana on our opening top 20 show.
We were like, how far do you think this
journey will take us?
And they were just like, yeah, ballet's great.
And we weren't sure.
And now we made it to the end.
It's just like, wow.
This is Chehon, So You Think You Can Dance champ, and
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