Leonardo Ghiraldini: Interview

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My name is Leonardo Ghiraldini, I am 27 years old and I play rugby for Benetton Rugby Treviso and the Italian National team
I begun to play rugby when I was 9 thanks to a friend that introduced me to this game
At that time I was trying out other sports like soccer and basketball
but everytime I was going back home more and more restless and I had to let off the steam by myself after each training session
Even my dad used to play rugby a few years ago and this was an additional reason for me to approach this game
From the beginning I have been thrilled and fascinated by rugby: I truly believe that for a kid it is amazing
to have the possibility to let off the steam by running up and down a rugby field together with other kids,
also considering the fact that there are very few rules that characterize rugby at that early stage
Quite often I happened to sacrifice nights out with friends in order to be ready for a match or simply because I didin't want to skip any training session
One of my favourite memories is the first tournament won with the juvenile teams
Other memories I am very fond of are the first match in the National team and the victory of the National team in Rome in front of our supporters
I have been so lucky to have wonderful coaches that made me understand what's important in the sport of rugby
and all that is necessary to do in order to gain the right satisfaction
It is very important to have the support of family and friends and I could always count on it
However by my own nature I try to keep everything inside
and if possible I avoid to be too explosive with the people around me, both talking about positive and negative moods
I hope to play rugby for many years to come
but I also need to think about my future which is why I want to finish to take my degree in Economy