Five Maori awarded at Investiture Ceremony today

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Many gathered at Government House in Auckland today
for the Investiture Awards Ceremony to honour citizens
who have contributed greatly to education, health,
community development and so on.
It is an honour for Enoka and Ataraita Ngatai of Tauranga
to receive an Investiture Award from the NZ Government
for their contribution to Maori.
Enoka is the Chair of the Tauranga Moana Trust Board
and Te Awanui Health, which services Matakana Island.
I am getting on in years and now I've been presented with this award.
The younger recipients are fortunate to receive it so young.
His wife Ataraita established the Matahauariki fund
to assist Tauranga youth with their tertiary pursuits
and part of why they have been honoured.
Ewa Haua has encouraged and promoted the Maori culture
on the North Shore.
She also helped with the establishment and managing
of Bayswater, Birkenhead and Devenport kohanga reo.
She was also the manager of the Northcote Maori netball team.
This is why she was presented with the MNZM.
I am very happy for my tribes
my hapu, my family and my ancestors. I am very happy.
She hails from Ngati Kahungunu,
but she was the manager of an advisory office in Otara.
She is also very involved in problem gambling groups and so on.
This is why Kororia was awarded the QSM.
This strong Ngati Whatua leader was awarded the ONZM.
Naida Glavish has been involved in Maori politics, Maori health
and so on since the 80s.
She has held the Chair position of Ngati Whatua for many years.
It is an honour, not for myself, but my family my hapu and iwi.
This is a celebration of NZ leaders.
Rapaera Tawhai, Te Karere.
We have another report later in the bulletin
relating to other Maori who were honoured today.