Lincoln MIG Welder vs Eastwood Welder - Comparison & Testing with Tips and Tricks on R&D Corner

Uploaded by EastwoodCo on 04.12.2012

Mark here with Eastwood. Today on the R&D Corner, we're going to be talking about MIG Welders
What we're gonna do is test our MIG135
against Lincoln's SP140
but a bunch of you guys also had some questions about sheet metal work
so what we're going to do is show you some of the tools that we have, some of the tips and techniques
let's get started
What we got here now is the Lincoln SP140T
this is a top wound transformer
so you have here are
five different
volt settings here
then your infinite wire speed adjustment on there
uh... what we do is we set everything up as per the instructions inside the unit
you saw that for the sheet metal
do the same qty weld all india
one-eighth plate
now this is a true
make tight unit here
xpc rectified
so let's go ahead
test this guy up
the state's well in one relies on it
dr motorola is going
complete couple stitches that's
busy that's why i would've done come across the scene there we want to run
some basis to see if we get any
burn through which it did not
which is good just a little half-inch guys there
and uh... on the plate
looks like i could penetration here was just
on the settings had to turn wire speed up a little bit more and math
to get the burn in their decided they liked will see motions come through here
now let's check out the third world
all right we got here is the third made one thirty five
like the lincoln this is a uh...
rectified d_c_ output machine good two hundred thirty five amps
has continues while transformer which instead of just your five
preset settings
yep incident
votes control here for about twenty two hundred thirty five m
same thing with the wire speed
let's go ahead as per the chart were set in this up
eve four is the starting point for the cheap levels will go ahead and do that
and get ready and to be uh... one each place
same thing looks up
please visual for equivalent to the lincoln
dar stitch
such wells overhear couple little short speeds
so if we got the penetration in there
decide to go i did those tweak it from the initial setting in the instruction
book was a nice six percent sweep the wire speed up and then uh...
again like the nice thing is
you build between civil judgments on this one here whereas the like the one
you only had abcd five points
so that was a nice that we can get in there
feature for feature these things are bad identical
the shipping about half the price
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art first product i wanna show you
uh... pitch well cramped
these things are mustapha renny auto body work
waiting to see we have here is
just clipping these two ships together for a plot well tremendous clamping
of these things are great ornery refer and there's
holding the inner fender look to the outer
for the spot welds in there
all right the next one are intergraph
these things have been a staple in sheet metal industry for years
basically what you have is
two pieces to this school here
i have two of 'em already on the panel
these are what you are used for but well let's say that this may have been a
lower skin or door
or uh... your hangout for replacement quarter
go ahead and
approximate gas
but this piece in the rear
about the only place they're not going to work
his own rockers reagan up with it
closed box will build a retrieve this barbara any any other panels of bench
work this is perfect so
glad to come to care for alan e three o morn here
killed those will go ahead and tack a couple of days on here
hago would put a couple tax on this
as you can see
gap created held by these inner graphs
is a perfect after the o twenty three mcguire going down there you'll be l
put a couple spots in there
and stich wealth
this whole scene
what he saw there was our spot worldcat
what this does escape gives you these
pork suppliers here
which clamp to peace this is great for uh...
breakdown rockers
any type of pinch well they have
and this novel
this is i would please to standoffs here
fits right in between the four th there what does that gives you the
consistent standoff distance
from your tip to the material
that each one of your spot weld is going to be duplicated equivalent
on down there give you my slip of uh... dislike d_o_e_ resistance wealth
let's do a couple more
so quick tips
first often well this same what one of those prevent any kind of workers
so you can't just started one side
and just think you get a ride continues to be across it
this medals gonna move away like there's nothing
but what to do a stitch welding stitch without it
basically taking the gun
sap wholeness
trader for a second
when the next area
come back to that
sap second anti-mouse traced we will do it
continue to move around your panel so u disperse to heat up there
which is targeting close you have to wait a little bit longer forty four
second thing
this panel here
so probably a graph of one here what you want to go with made well he is get your
as close to your work area
areas where you might be doing a floorboards
you can clamp on everything
estate common bowl
go ahead well tim wanted a piece
trick del only well
one of the six flaps
i'll give you a nice all electrical ground there also a come by on the
simply break it right off
let's take a little bit of a senior say wait a minute
bikes or sharing some of the closer we offer them a cheap metalworking
little bit of practice should be hangin quarters
also showed you or unit against the lake union feature for feature these things
are bad identical
this unit being about half the price
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