Mystikhörnan #2 - UFO & Aliens

Uploaded by MonteFjanton on 24.01.2013

Is there life on other planets? Have aliens crashed here in their totally awesome UFOs?
And have the reptilians brainwashed us into not believing that UFOs are real!?
That is what we are going to examine in today's episode of The Mystery Show!
The Mystery Show
Hello and welcome to The Mystery Show! I am Morgan Moonbeam, your host this evening.
Ever since Man realized the Earth isn't the center of the universe, but rather just one of billions of tiny planets-
-people have asked themselves: is there anyone else out there?
The answer is yes, there is, and there is solid proof of it too. Just take a look at these pictures.
Here you can clearly see UFOs flying around in the sky, and these are just a few of the thousands of UFO pictures-
-people have taken since the invention of the camera!
- You do know that all of those pictures have been proved to be frauds, right? - Don't start...
- People have taken pictures of lampshades with strange lighting, or thrown plates into the air and photographed them.
- It looks pretty cool, but you can hardly call it evidence! - Really, Leffe? Well, what do you say about THIS!?
Here is a clear shot of an entire fleet of UFOs flying across the sky! Does that look like lampshades, Leffe!?
- No, because it's geese. - Geese!? Do you think I'm that stupid!?
- Seriously, they're just birds! Geese have white bellies, and when they fly in a V over a city at night-
-the city lights reflect on their bellies, and it looks like that!
- Do you really think I'd fall for something so farfecthed!? Isn't it obvious that it's a fleet of spaceships from another planet! Anyway!
We have thus established that aliens and UFOs are real, but few people realize that they are closer to us than we ever imagined!
Deep inside the gas planet of Jupiter live the so called Space Jupitans. They are a very mysterious species.
- So mysterious, in fact, that no one has heard of them... until now! - You mean you just invented them?
The most interesting thing about the Space Jupitans is their extremely hi-tech spaceships, so called UFOs!
With these they can travel a thousand times the speed of light, go straight through the sun without being damaged-
-and destroy entire planets with their intergalactic death lasers!
You could say that their technology is light years ahead of ours!
However, there are many myths and ridiculous conspiracies surrounding these UFOs. Some say that a UFO crashed in-
-the American town of Roswell, and that the army brought it to a secret air force base: Area 51!
- But, wait... if a UFO can travel through the sun without being damaged, why would it crash here? Wouldn't it go straight through the planet?
Leffe, you're too focused on the details! Leave it to me, I have a fricking Ph.D. in ufology! What do you have?
- 30 credits Meaningless Existence and two months at McDonalds, huh!? - It's logic, not details...
The problem with this theory is that so many people believe in it! If it really was true, the reptilians would have brainwashed everyone who believed in it long ago!
Therefor it's only a conspiracy, created by the reptilians themselves to bring all the sheeple to the wrong place!
They just want to keep us away from the REAL evidence for aliens and UFOs! - But isn't that exactly what you are trying to do?
- You make these videos to convince people that your theories are right... so if you succeed, you would have to be a reptilian!
This much is true! Area 51 does indeed exist. and there might be UFOs there, but that isn't the whole truth!
The idea behind Area 51 is to lure us truth-seekers to just one spot, but then we miss the real mystery behind it all:
Today, dear viewers, we can present a small piece of the answer! I have managed to crack one of the secret codes of the reptilians!
Roswell is where the reptilians say the UFO crashed, but Roswell is just a code, a word that ccan be split into two parts: ROS and WELL.
There seemed to be letters missing here... ROST (rust)... JOHANNES BROST (Swedish actor)... AVFROSTNING (defrosting)!
For days I searched for what was missing, but nothing was missing! It turns it ROS meant the flower, ros (rose)!
And soon afterwards I realized that WELL was an English word, meaning brunn (well)!
Together the pieces now made up the word "Rosbrunn". I sat down by the computer machine, pushed the buttons and unleashed the wonders of technology-
-and soon I found a place with almost the exact name I was looking for: the tiny shithole of Rosbrunna in Scania! (The Shithole Rosbrunna)
The mystery had been solved! I had found one of the fifty forgotten UFO bases!
To investigate it further, I sent out my faithful reporter in the field, Kenneth Hyvel, to have a look at this the most secret of all UFO bases! Over to you, Kenneth!
Today we are in Rosbrunna, which turned out to be so small that I can't really call it a village...
It's more like three houses and a water hole in the middle of the forest, but whatever.
There is a very mysterious atmosphere surrounding this place, almost as if there was something here that made the atmosphere mysterious.
Security here is so tight that you can't even see that it's a secret base! But we have strong proof that this really is the spot!
All of Rosbrunna's eight inhabitants could have their lives changed after today! Unless they're in on the conspiracy and know that their village is a scret base.
Perhaps Rosbrunna is the most first and most secret of all the bases, Area 1, and they are its guardians!
We don't know that for sure yet, but perhaps we shall find out!
This well is several hundred metres deep, and leads to a laboratory where thousands of UFO parts are stored and experimented with!
Obviously they have put on a fake bottom, so that you can't see how deep it really is! But there is another way in!
It's locked.
You can't see it now, but deep in the ground the army has built a ginormous magnet!
When a UFO passes by they switch it on, and drag it down into the well and into their secret, underground base!
- A magnet!? If that magnet is strong enough to pull down UFOs, wouldn't it disrupt the Earth's magnetic field somehow?
- No Leffe, this isn't a regular magnet, it's a super magnet! A magnet that pulls down large metallic object from space, WITHOUT affecting the magnetic field!
- So it pulls down asteroids too then? - ... Aren't they made of rock?
- Partly, but they consist largely of various metals. - Leffe, stop interrupting me with your facts and physics and crap, I'm trying to do my work here!
- What the hell was that!? Quick, into the bushes!
- It must be one of Illuminati's secret guards! Keep quiet so that he doesn't hear us! - I am Quiet. - Shut up!
- Phew! That was a close one!
As you can see, Rosbrunna is a place filled with dark secrets and secret darkness! And now we have undeniable proof-
-that Rosbrunna is in fact a secret UFO base! Back to you, Morgan!
Thank you, Kenneth! That's all for today, but there is still a lot to discover! Make sure you buy my new book:
"The Great Truth about Aliens & UFOs - 147 alien secrets you didn't think existed, and which Illuminati don't want you to know about."
("Best thing I've read, everything is super true, I promise" - Sven) It has received good reviews too! Now buy it, and I'll see you next time!