How To Transform Your Dining Room With Color

Uploaded by BenjaminMoorePaints on 07.12.2011

In this dining room we really mixed things up. Most of you would probably use the lightest
color in your paint palette for the trim and the ceiling, which does look great and we’re
going to do that in the next variation so you'll see that, too. But here we used the
darkest color, Storm Cloud Gray, and we used that on the baseboard, the window trims, the
crown molding and even the panel around the tray ceiling.
So by doing that we used Battenberg, which is the really pretty light cream from the
Affinity Color Collection. We used that on the ceiling and that provides a nice, subtle
contrast. Now we used the pale, pretty blue-green Wythe Blue from the Historical Collection
on the walls. And it’s a great backdrop color to all of these wonderful, traditional
furnishings as well as the vintage accessories. This version of the dining room feels so much
different. I just love the dark color on the walls. Here we used Sharkskin which is a beautiful
gray-green - really nice and dark. And then to contrast that we used the light, creamy
Battenberg on all the trim. So it’s a more traditional take. Now just to take the formality
out of this space a little bit we used Wythe Blue on the ceiling - just a touch of it - but
it adds a nice, whimsical touch. Now my favorite feature of this version of
the dining room is the Acanthus Leaf stencil. It’s a great feature wall - very easy to
do. It allowed us to bring in some pattern and bold, beautiful green, Fresh Olive, which
I just applied really lightly to give that timeworn, vintage feel. Combined with the
vintage color pallet, the clean, traditional furnishings and the natural accessories, both
versions of this dining room have a classic and timeless vibe.
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