Vespa World Days 2012

Uploaded by scootershop on 28.06.2012

Lukas Schuler - That's me.
This is Toby. - Toby Hümmler
This is Christian Seidl. And today we're travelling to London. To the Vespa World Days.
This is Martin. Hello!
And last but not least: Roberto. Hi! - Robert Kerner
We'll take a crate of Schwarzbräu with us!
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard the Pride of Calais.
My name is Silberhorn and I'm your captain for the passage.
We're travelling against time.
We'll travel for an hour and we'll arrive at the same time. Back to the future.
Wicked. I'd love to work like that.
So, how do you like it here?
Uuuh... it's really great here at the World Vespa Days?!
We're having a party anyway!
And so far the weather is looking alright, too.
Will it keep up?
Nope. I don't think so.
Yeah! Corso in Central London. Introduction over.
We're riding towards Big Ben now.
People are freaking out and everybody's taking pictures. They're definitely into Vespas here.
What's the matter?
The weather is good now and the rideout is great. But it will continue without us as our scooter is on strike.
But I think we're only out of petrol and we should be able to find a petrol station somewhere downtown.
We reached a petrol station. Thanks to Alex, who pushed us for a while.
But they're out of petrol, too. They only have Diesel here.
But... I think our colleague here is organising some petrol for us.
I have the good one!
Only a little bit.
Our tank is full again and the rideout can go on!