Aida Nikolaychuk Videochat (14.01.12) (+English subtitles) (part 1)

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At last!
Good evening to everybody!
Thank you:)
From what heavens?
What are you talking about?)
(the question was: Did it hurt to fall from heavens?))
And I'm glad to see you!
I wanna thank those who presented
me web-camera.. Thank you very much!
(reading comments kinda "you're an Angel!")
But there are no questions!
And do you hear me?
Thank you, I also congratulate you with passed holidays..
Yes-yes, I will try.. (the request was to read the questions aloud)
"How do you plan to perform in 3d season?"
The question actually is not clear enough..
It doesn't depend on me..
"Is Maksim jealous of his mummy to the scene? Does he let you go?"
Of course he lets me go... of course he's not jealous.. not jealous at all!
Only wants to be more often with me..
"Do you have a command of professionals who may take up your advancement
and have you found worthy composers with good repertoire that suits you?"
In fact.. concerning composers.. it's quite a difficult question because it's only
in times of the USSR one composer wrote music and that was all, the song was completed.
Now it's a labour of many professionals, not one person, not one composer..
There are 5-6 of them, nor less.. who create, recreate, review.. until it becomes a hit.
So this I would also like for myself..
and now.. there are many people who help me..
I thank them a lot.. so these people exsist..
"Aida, would you like to present Ukraine at the Evrovision?"
Basically.. yes. I would like to. But with really worthy song.
"When did you start to sing for the first time?"
In the 1st form, even if no earlier..
Honey, come to me or not..
And face? and face more simple?)
"And could you tell about your first attempt of taking part in X-Factor Online-1,
some opponents desire to know about this veery much!
And what are your feelings about meeting New Year on X-Factor, not at home?"
For the first question.. In fact the attempt of XFO-1 was not serious at all..
I recorded one song of Beyonce and set it out.. but accidentally I made a mistake in a title of the song.
So one person in comments wrote kinda "oh, cool, but there is a mistake in the title.."
So in a day I deleted it and didn't take part in XFO that year any more.
And how to meet New Year on X-Factor.. That's awesome!) New feelings.. so cool.. moreover I went there with my son!
Yes, he is very satisfied!
Mom, do you see.. everybody writes here...
Yeah.. and I read..
"And would you like to present Russia on the Evrovision?"
Oh, kinda difficult question.. in fact, Russia and Ukraine are both...
Maksik, nobody is talking there!
aah.. and why?
that's why.. let me finish, okay? because I look aside on you..
Russia or Ukraine are two native countries for me.. If somebody
doesn't like their neighbours that's only their problems..
"Have you chosen songs for your next performances?"
No! I always have them. I carefully sort them out..
"Have you ever thought to write your own song?"
No, actually that'a a bit difficult and I'm not good at this.. so I don't even try..
Maybe one day this will come out and I'll write it..
"Call Maks to camera?") I will more look aside on Maksim then.. "let him sit down to me?"
What, Maksim, do you wanna sit with me?)
Maks: I'm not against! And may I take Ceasar? (Ceasar is the cat of Aida:))
No! You may not take Ceasar!.. parrots, fish..)
"Do you want to go to the X-Factor-3?"
I have no other choice now!) I'm there already!))
"Russia for Dima Bilan"? okie-dokie.. (with sarcazm) Let it be so!
"Good evening, Aida! My two questions are a bit strange, but anyway: how do you see yourself
in 5-10 years, not taking into consideration your popularity and millions of fans?"
Maks: Very well!
Aida: Did you hear?) I see myself "very well")
".. and what goal have you put in your life?"
There are several goals.. but I won't tell about them..
"Do you plan to record Lullabies with your angel voice?"
Lullabies? what do you mean by "lullabies"? LullabiES or LullabY?
Maks: ..kinda of that songs you sang, do you remember?
Aida: mm.. It's not clear.. rewrite your question please, Resdek..
"Aidochka, good evening! Did you meet judges above the scene? If yes, what did they tell you, e.g. Sosedov?"
Nor Sosedov, nor Yolka, nor Serega I didn't meet. I saw only Kondratyk, who said smth kinda
'..that is so unexpected to meet you here!..", but he was in a positive mood)
"And now do you need bodyguard-driver?)"
No, thanks, I don't))
"Why didn't your husband go with you to X-Factor?"
mm.. it happened so..
millions.. billions.. what do you mean by this?..
"When it will be a videochat with Maksim?"
I don't know.. He is very content..))
Maksim also became popular after X-Factor..
Maks: and most of all I'd like to watch cartoons now..
Aida: yes?) Maks.. please.. more careful.. you'll shake it now..
"Aida, have you ever written poems?"
No, I haven't. Or I did, but it was very funny) That was least of all kind of poetry..)
"In the video of gala-concert we could see a repetition with backing dancers.. why they were taken out?"
It was decided to take backing dancers away because they
weren't rehearsed well so that would make the item worse..
They turned on laser, made beautiful miniature behind.. So they compensate all this.
Actually it would be an exxageration if they added backing dancers..
"Are you going to record some songs and publish them on Youtube
so we could watch and listen to them as you did with "Hero"?"
If it is smth good and worthy, I'll publish. Now I haven't such songs..
meanwhile I don't go to caraokes or somewhere.. more staying at home..
"What is your attitude toward your fakes?"
Are there many of them? I didn't see.. I remember those who were
from the very beginning (3 fakes).. luckily I could get into contact
with administration of Vkontakte and asked them to delete fakes..
They deleted them all. And now.. I even don't know.. whether it takes sense..
as I saw, one recent fake has made 1500 friends in Vkontakte..
okay, if they want be friends with fake, let it be so..
"Aida, present a little sister to Maksim!"
This is even not a question.. with exclamation mark? okay, don't worry, everything will be!))
but not now.. now it's a little bit early for this..)
"Aidochka, will we hear you before castings to 3d season of X-Factor?"
I don't know. Honestly, I don't... There are many plans now.. and what it will be.. who knows..
"Aida, will it be organized a meeting of your admirers with you? With possible visit of caraoke-club?)"
The same.. now I can't tell exactly.. Maybe it's worthy to do this.. but in such case only in Odessa?..
Anton Cherkashin... "The question, that interests the male half of earth dwellers:
some folk writes that you are married, but in family status in Vkontakte you indicated "In love".
So if your status in Vkontakte is true, I won't ask who is that lucky man, but ask such a question:
does he return your affection? or he even doesn't know about this?;)"
Maks, sit to me or not!
Maks: and do they see me?
Aida: sure, you'll be seen better than I am)
Maks: cool)
Aida: okay, sit down..
Soo.. "..return my affection or doesn't know about this.." I think, he knows..)
"it doesn't matter what is on the background.. you sound great..!"
Yeah, don't view the background! it's kinda rearrangement in a kid's room.. so, don't look at it)
"Kirilenko: 50"
Vanya, what 50? what does it mean?)
"What is your favourite song now? what do you listen more often?"
ooh.. what do I listen more often now..? I don't remember.. I love Beyonce very much..
Maks: some New year songs...
Aida: no, I only looked for New year songs one time.. I didn't like anything...
"Oh, the same fail with web-cam as it was last time!.."
What happened to it?
Maks: Everything is okay now!
Aida: Maaks.. you so like to touch.. I carry away..
Maks: it is ok..
Aida: nobody asks you to touch.. and you should do it, yes, Maksimushka?.. oh.. damn...
Maks: everything is ok..
Aida: this web-cam doesn't hold..
Maks: everybody see how you shake the camera..
Aida: Exactly!.. Instead of..
Maks: Instead of answering the questions..
Aida: God, how I love this camera!) I'll put it in such a way..
Maks: yeah, leave it in such position.. I wanted just this..
Aida: don't touch it please, ok?
Maks: yep)
Aida: soo.. don't know what's wrong with camera..
"Aida, and what were other songs for the choice, except Adele?"
It was Beyoce "Halo" and... what was the third song?.. and Adagio! of Lara Fabian.
"On this site people asked you some questions and wrote their wishes.. will you look there?"
I looked through that site...
"Aida Yurievna, the question that interests many of us:
will it be Lullaby of Gagarina in the whole version? We wanna listen to it very much!"
I think, it will be.. just I don't like what I've recorded now ...
so.. I think, I'll record it in the nearest feauture..
"Is level of training camp in the show really kind of hell?"
Oh, indeed no.. the matter is there is little time to learn the text of a song.
Especially if you hear a song for the first time.. and haven't heard it before..
For example, what songs did they give? those, that are well-known..
maybe somebody is interested in your pop-music.. so it would be easier for them..
I got the song, that I've never heard before.. If you receive the text
that you know from childhood so it is easy to learn it..
and if you haven't heard it, the text seems difficult..
"And what was the most difficult for you in this level?" So, I've already told.. To learn the text.
And that's not a problem for me to sleep for 2 hours,
especially it doen't last for a month.. only several days.
So later more difficult level begins, because you should study and
train a lot, search for the songs and so on.. Many things to do.
"Zlata Ognevich recorded her songs. People sing them to their babies.
That's her page.. Do you plan the same?"
I don't know what's there.. I've heard about Zlata..
maybe I've listened to her songs.. but I think I'm indifferent to her..
But I'll take a look on what you wrote ..
"When you'll agree, tell me, it's very long for me to fly to you.. It's about meeting with Aida..)"
"Aida, I'd like to hear from you my favourite song of Anna German "Tenderness"! Is it possible?"
I cannot say that I love this song very much.. I'm neutral to her..It cannot be liked or not.. it exists and that's it..
Maksimka, that's is a "Hi" to you..
Maks: thanks, and from whom?
Aida: from.. everybody)
Maks: thank you.
"Does Anna German sing?"
Oh, sorry, maybe I told smth wrong.. and what does she do? maybe she reads..
"Maks are you a bad pupil?" (means with lowest marks)
Does he look like a bad pupil? Maksim, are you a bad pupil?
Both Maks and Aida: Noup.
Yeaah.. pain in the ass.. that's true)
Maks: yes, I may go crazy..)
"He is smart and inquisitive boy!" Yes..
Maks: thank you)
"and now in my car I'm listening to your songs.. and wanna more of them.." not so bad..)
"web-cam is perfect!" Yes, camera works very good!..
Maksik don't shake legs..
"Guy is awesome!"
"Don't shake the camera!" Do you understand? Don't shake it!
I've heard this song but I never listened to it on purpose..
Somebody writes the picture is bad..
"I'd like to hear opera with Aida"
Maks: Why everybody knows me?
Aida: Everybody knows you now.. All Ukraine!)"
Wave you hand to uncle Vanya..))
Maks: do they see?
Aida: ugum...
So, opera I may sing if I train.. Maybe in contemporary variant
because I don't like very much the original style of opera..
"Aida, who of the judges you like most of all?"
All of them are good in their own way! Sometimes Sosedov annoys, but sometimes he says wright things..
Maks: most of all he says wright words..
"Aida, if some time ago, e.g. a year ago you were told that such story
would happen to you, would you believe?!)
Actually no.. Even now I regard this.. don't know.. I cannot say that
I'm still shocked, no, I settled down a bit.. but at first it was..
Maks: Mummy, do you see, a cat is speaking with us.. look - "cat" (shows on nickname "cat")
Aida: okay.. Maksimushka, I'm answering.. then it will be recorded
and people will watch.. how are you speaking about cats)
"Aida, do you have an account in LJ?" (Live Journal) What is LJ?
"Aida, did you dream in youth about real love, listening to ballads in your player?"
About real love? Such a strange question.. I was dreaming about real love even without player..
"And probably you remember those compositions?"
There are many of them.. all old songs.. I even can't name now any of them.
But in audiotracks in Vkontakte some are from that times.. from chilhood..
e.g. Enigma, but it's not a ballad.. Enigma.. Queen..
"What were those songs? did you love such romantic walks with player?"
I love it now too! All songs I like I may download to my player..
and if the weather is fine I put on the earphones and take a walk with a great pleasure..
Sometimes I wish everybody heard some songs..
if there were special loud speakers on the streets.. that would be cool..
"Have you made friends with anybody from this X-Factor season?"
Yes.. Especially he made friends! I made friends with trio "Maximum", Arkadiu..
Maks: and I with everybody!
Aida: yeah, with everybody.. so with those guys, with Romanchenko.. everybody are great..
"Aida will you prepare to the training camp?"
..Well, I don't have any other variants, except listening to our pop music..
Listening to it and sometimes learning something..
"Why all songs should be foreign? Isn't Pugacheva prestige any more?"
and who told about foreign songs?.. Pugacheva as Pugacheva..
Well.. okay..
"Does your little kid have talent to music?"
Yes, he does. But he's lazy.. sometimes he's training a little bit, but not very hard..
Maksimushka, so what? Train..
"And after selection do the competitors live in training camp all the time or come there only for repetitions?"
Yes, they live there all the time during half a year!
Anna German is a politics.. clear..)
Why..? Omega, why don't you hear me? Am I speaking in a low voice again?
Or there is smth wrong with microphone? Nobody has made complains yet..
I'm using Chrome now.. oh, that's not for me, sorry..
"Aida and Maksim, hello! Do people recognize you in the streets? What are your feelings?"
People recognize very rarely.. In Odessa very seldom..
Even if recognize.. mm.. no special feelings.. they come and ask.. I smile and reply "yes"..
and that's it after that our conversation is usually off..
okay.. clear.. now I also will know that there is a limit..
"It's better to stay calm and be an idiot, rather then start talking and dispel apprehension"
Whom did you tell this now?) and why?
"What do you do in your everyday life?"
Indeed, there are a lot of things to do.. moreover.. no, I won't read to myself, I was asked to read aloud!
so, there are many things to do.. especially there are holidays now.. I started rearrangement..
Maks: and renovation...
Aida: yes, a little cosmetic renewal..
Maks: with your friend..
Aida: limits.. only 50..
"I'm surprised, e.g. band "Silver" who can't sing has mass of fans
and only 50 people are watching you now.. It's a pity that people
listen to those who sing using phonogramma but not true live voice!"
Every good has it's own consumer.. Let it be many fans of "Silver"..
"Aida, what are your plans for the future? Is it possible to organize a concert?"
To my mind, it's premature to organize concerts.. I'm not doing now smth special for this..
Except caraoke I don't do anything now.. Maksik, sit straight please.. Do you wanna go? Okay..
so.. plans for the future? I want to take vocal lessons
from good specialist for at least couple of months..
and after that train, train and train again.. maybe record smth.. there is some time before summer begins..
"How many songs did you sing in the pre-casting of the 2 season?"
There was another variant of song, frankly speaking..
Katy Perry "I Kissed a Girl", but I told them both variants and they chose Polina Gagarina.
Usually everybody present English and Russian song and from two only one is chosen.
"Sometimes you have cute slang from Odessa.. Do you love Odessa
and do you feel yourself a true citizen of this city?)"
In fact, Odessa is the only town I may perceive in Ukraine..
maybe because it's hard enough to live in our Ukraine..
All in all, I love Odessa most of all! Sorry, other cities..
And concerining cute Odessa slang.. sorry please! sometimes it's noticeable..
at home you communicate in one way, here you should speak in another..
more correct probably.. in a civilized manner..
"Aida, sorry for indelicate question, but are you married? You don't have a wedding ring.."
Wedding ring is not necessary to wear, is it?)
Maks: generally, no..
"Aida, create please Web-money so we could transfer you any welfare.."
Thank you very much! But I think that's not necessary to do..
"What program would you like to conquer?"
Not to conquer... but I wanted to take part in the "Voice of Ukraine"
after X-Factor castings.. But they refused me for some reason..
"There were many questions about how your life changed after the X-Factor..
but if fact are you invited to perform in clubs, corporates or other arrangements?"
Yes, there were a lot of invitations and even good ones I suppose..
but in my opininon, it's too early to take part in this arrangements.
As there is no enough repertoire for the moment.
Maksimushka, quietly..
"What's your attitude to Oxana Marchenko?" (presenter of X-Factor)
It's perfect! Althogh I haven't spoken to her much.. but I suppose
she's a good person. I saw her on the rehearsals..
she is absolutely adequate and pleasant girl.. woman..
So.. "so I'm late?" I don't know..
"Aida, number of demands for your name according to
Google statistics, is more than for all participants of the 2d season
of X-Factor! Do you realize your level of popularity?"
No, I don't.. Honestly, I don't..
"Are you afraid of star fever?"
no.. I'm not afraid.. anyway even if you suffer from this,
in the long run everything will turn back and be ok, as usual..
"Do you want your son to be so popular as you are?"
I'm not thinking about this.. It's more important for him to find himself.. That's crucial.
"We can hear you well.."
Okay.. that's good) at least one person told that
he can hear me well.. because later it might be
"oh, it sounded badly.. the questions weren't read aloud..")
"What changed in your life after this season of X-Factor?"
Plans! Plans have changed. Everything dramatically changed..
Maybe it's not so noticeable.. but plans have change..
because at first I finished visage and thought to go that way..
but then everthing changed.. TV-casting was showed.. and that's it.. and all this began..
"Everything is super: sound and video! if somebody can't hear it means he was late for the chat"
"Aida if you see this I make a declaration of love to you
as an admirer of your voice and you are my ideal of feminity and beauty!"
Thank you very much...
so.. here are also some questions.. I'll try to open in such way.. where is it.. I'm lost..
Maksik, please close the door!
"what changed in your life after X-Factor?" I've already answered..
"Could you make more limit?" I can't..
"Aida have you thought about taking part in the "Voice of Ukraine"?" Yes, I thought. And they refused me.
After training camp of X-Factor I got to know about new seaon of "Voice of Ukraine",
so I sent them my questionnaire and they sent me denial.
"Aida, tell us please what is the sense of your performance in X-Factor and what did you get?
So you got your admirers and what's next?"
And next.. there is 3d X-Factor.. probably for this. In any case,
to my mind, this is a great experience... Truly specialists work there..
I liked very much what I saw there during my two visits..
and people are wonderful there.. very sympathetic and willing to help..
everybody knows his own deal.. so there is a big team of professionals
in X-Factor.. and it's very cool to work with them so I'm only for this!
And later we'll see what will happen..
"What's the sense to take lessons from vocal teacher if all the judges were spellbound at casting?
Though if it's possible to improve vocal level it's necessary to do your best..
and btw why haven't you tried to reach success earlier?"
There is always a sense to study with vocal teacher..
Because I know, that's not the l imit of what I'm able to do!
and what I showed on casting is maximum 10 % of what I may do..
So I need training and opening my abilities..
because there are some songs... Lullaby is not so difficult song, I would say, it's not difficult at all!
And there are some difficult songs that I'd like to sing from first note to the last very perfectly..
as sometimes you might not hold out all notes or you may sing with effort..
so there is always such sense..
well.. I didn't try.. no, I tried to take part in some competitions but smth wasn't enough..
maybe I was choosing wrong songs.. It's more difficult with this in Odessa..
sometimes I occupied winning places in competitions..
Once after I won one competition I was proposed to enter the conservatory.
Thanks God I didn't do that.
so.. "Do you sing to become popular or you just like singing?"
Probably.. at first, I like singing.. and concerning popularity..
to my mind that's not the limit of dreams - to become popular..
So yes, I appreciate second item more. And being popular is attending this.
If people listen to me and like my singing it will be wonderful.
In a good sense to become popular...
"Chernovizkoye musical college proposes you help in studying vocal..
This proposal is left in comments of site "Maths for blondes""
Ok, I'll take a look. Thank you very much!
"Maksimka, thank you for your answers, well-done!"
"Standard question: with whom of the world stars would you dream to sing in duo?"
Well.. of course with Beyonce.. but we are so far from each other
in the aspect of professionality.. I even can't imagine this...
So Beyonce.. yes.. and from male vocal.. I even don't know whom..
"Who is Denis for you? I'm sure you got who I'm speaking about.."
Denis? Denya? My chum! He's my friend.. good person..
Thank you... thank you..
"Aida, why do you spent little time with your fans in VK group?"
I just can't.. there are New year holidays now...I have to do a lot of stuff..
and I dreamt long time ago to get rid of Vkontakte for some period of time..
I can do this now and I'm content.. Because it evokes addiction..
you don't do anything else except surfing in Vkontakte..
So don't understand me in the wrong way.. actually it concerns only Vkontakte..
as you begin to live there.. in the Internet, not only in Vknotakte..
"What was the lag between casting and showing casting video on TV?"
mm.. it was big.. I'll tell you now.. It was showed on TV in September
and the casting was at the beginning of the summer, even if no earlier..
If you mind TV-casting.. so 2 months probably.. 388 00:41:49,000 --> 00:41:56,000 I didn't make exuses for my accent actually.. I just understand that somebody
might not like it.. these "sho" and "ge".. but sometimes it slips of the tongue..
Many of us here communucate in such a way.. This is normal.)
I even don't know whether it is an accent..
"that wasn't a blame for accent, on the contrary.."
So.. that's how it sounds.. there is an accent.. but I even didn't know that I had it..
Hello.. hello..
"Did they tell why they refused you?"
No. They wrote kinda "sorry.." I've deleted that letter.. "sorry.." and so on.
"Good evening! I'm glad to see you and hear you! I congratulate you
with New Year and Christmas and wish you happiness and a lot of light.."
Thank you very much!
"Show us Ceasar!" ?
Come here!
Come here, come to me!
Come.. Well-done! 345 00:43:01,000 --> 00:43:06,000 Here he is!
Show your little muzzle!
Here he is! Yes?
He's afraid..
My pussy-cat...
well-well-well... I can't catch... (too many comments)
Ceasar.. okay..
"You cannot conceal such a question.. everybody needs to hear it! Do you strive for this?"
For what? Natali, I've lost your thought.. Strive for what?..
"If everything be ok, as we hope and believe in this, whom would you like to see as your producer?"
Frankly speaking, Meladze.. (famous Russian producer)
But I don't know wheather if would be good or not..
hey, Ceasarunichka, stop it! So I called you and now will be covered with your fur...
Go! go, my sweetie or lay and don't disturb me..